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Can i be convicted of a dui if the officer did not lawfully pull me over and i was outside of my vehicle?
I got lost on the highway and pulled in a rest stop to go use the rest room and when i got out my car the sheriff pulled up on me and got out and said i was going 74 in a 70 mile zone. He then seen the can in the car and asked have i been drinking. I said well yes you see the can so then he said well i had got some calls about your driving on the highway. I took the field test but refused the Breathalyzer test.
Unfortunately, nothing you described was illegal. If the officer claims that he received a radio dispatch about your...
Should i hire an attorney
pulled over for allegedly speeding, provided an expired license to the officer. a tow was called and upon arrival inventory of my vehicle was conducted. after the inventory i was charged with a dui alcohol/drugs, along with possession of drugs. the officer stated i was nervous and pale but it was 3am and completely dark out, and never stated this or anything about a dui until after the inventory was done. was this search done legally? do i have any chance in getting any charges dropped?
The inventory search was likely legal and yes, you should hire an attorney
Petition to rescind was not answered within thirty days. On the 39th day I was arrested for suspended license?
I was charged with a DUI. Summary Suspension went into affect, I filed a petition to rescind, and by no delay of my own person, I was not granted a hearing in 30 days. On the 37th day filing my petition to rescind, I was pulled over and arrested for driving on suspended and charged with a second DUI. They are trying to make this a felony DUI as I was driving on a suspended. However, they did not answer my petition to rescind. Is it appropriate that they found the felony charge upon a foreground of which my due process was already violated? It is the state's obligation to provide a court date for a petition to rescind. Is it my duty to say "hey guys, you forgot this, now give me my license back?"
You may be right but do you know what to do next? It sounds like you have two DUI's pending and a suspension on the...
If charged with aggravated dui with fatality with small amount meth (aledgedly) does prosecutor have to show it was the cause of
accident showing no sign of being under the influence, but a blood test alledgedly show a small amount in blood an urine do they have to prove it caused you to have the accindent?
Criminal court decisions by US and state appellate courts have been incorporating the civil law concept of proximate...
Agg. dui 625 (ll) c5 5/11-501(a)(6)(d)(1)(f)-class 2; and driver-violation ILL motor carrier law class 4 whats defence options
Accident in Illinois 2008 driving a semi. fatality involved chsrged nearly 2yrs, later with aggravated DUI (due to blood test alledgedly showing sm. amt. meth) also Driver-violation ill motor carrier law class 4
There is actually a case on this from Highland Park. You will need a lawyer to defend here so it doesn't make much...
What do i need to do here?
i live in illinois at the moment and in the process of gettin sr22 for just myself no vehicle an license reinstated from dui revocation......but in few months will be moving to missouri do i have to have sr22 an license in both states?
Your Illinois driving privileges need to be in good stead when you apply in Missouri for a Missouri driver licence.
I was arrested for dui and refused the drug test in the same incident. Is my CDL permantly diqualified?
I have never refused a drug test before this. This is also my first dui.
Not permanently, yet there are suspension consequences attached to that situation. Please review that isssue in detail...