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In an accident with a fatality in 2008 in Illinois the lawyer for the trucking company I drove for contacted me a few times over the next several months, finally called an told me that it was over I wasn't at fault It was ruled an unavoidable accident he said. however well over two years later I was arrested an extradited during a routine traffic stop, I was informed ill. had me charged with aggravated DUI (alledgedlyhad sm. amt meth in blood an urine) I still lived where I had years before the accident and had my license pulled by ill soon after accident and then later re-instated even by ill yet for nearly three years wasn't notified till I was extradited . my question is if the accident was unavoidable would the very sm. amt. of(alledged) meth automatically make it a aggravated. dui?
It will be up to the prosecution to decide what and whether to charge and whether to aggravate the charge. The civil...
I got a DUI for the first time. I am 26. A letter from Secretary of state about my license suspension hasn't been sent to me, but someone told me it would and that I can't drive. I'm not even sure when my suspension starts. I go to court tomorrow. My PD isn't gonna ask about it and I don't know why. Does anyone know? I'm going to hire a attorney next week. Thanks for your help. I am confused.
You have to check with the DMV to be sure if your license is suspended. Your court case is still pending so any...
in a civil case it was ruled an unavoidable
Your question is confusing. Please re-word it.
Accident in Illinois 2008 driving a semi. fatality involved chsrged nearly 2yrs, later with aggravated DUI (due to blood test alledgedly showing sm. amt. meth) also Driver-violation ill motor carrier law class 4
There is actually a case on this from Highland Park. You will need a lawyer to defend here so it doesn't make much...
accident showing no sign of being under the influence, but a blood test alledgedly show a small amount in blood an urine do they have to prove it caused you to have the accindent?
Criminal court decisions by US and state appellate courts have been incorporating the civil law concept of proximate...
on new years day i was parked on side of the road with my flashers on while using phone,the car was running,because it was cold,when a police officer pulled up behind me to make a long story short. i was arrested for dui i have physical reasons why i cant take sobriety test,and explained that to the officier,she didnt care.i even showed her where my spinal stemilator was located i was failed ,given ticket for the dui,plus improper parking
There is no right to contact someone prior to taking a breath test. However, you have every right to hire an attorney...
i live in illinois at the moment and in the process of gettin sr22 for just myself no vehicle an license reinstated from dui revocation......but in few months will be moving to missouri do i have to have sr22 an license in both states?
Your Illinois driving privileges need to be in good stead when you apply in Missouri for a Missouri driver licence.