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Help with dui
I have another dui Jan 30 2016. My last was may 7 2008. I blew a .15 both times. Nobody was in my car and didn't wreck or anything. I posted earlier but I wanted to clarify. My driving record has 1 speeding ticket. Unsafe movement 2 seat belts and 4 inspection violations. No tickets since 08. I'm 35. Same full time job 10 years. 6 kids. I don't know what the outcome will be. Any help would be grateful.
Rather than attempting to clarify and spelling out your driving history, please consult with an attorney. That is far...
Can I get my truck back, being that I'm an innocent owner?
My truck was taken by the police because my boyfriend's friend got caught driving without a license and received a dwi
Possibly. There is a provision for an innocent owner to get the vehicle back, but there are a few conditions. The...
So I'm wondering if I'm ganna have jail time my last was in 08
I got a 2nd dui. My last was in may of 08. I blew a .15 am I looking jail time
DWI sentencing is based on a comparison of aggravating and mitigating factors (which are listed in the DWI statutes)....
Can i get a prayer for judgment for aiding and abetting a dwi?
I was riding with my boyfriend and didn't know he had been drinking and also didn't know his license was revoked. he got charged with a dwi and dwlr and i was charged with aiding and abetting. my car was also impounded.
You'd be better off getting a dismissal, which is often the case for these types of charges. If your boyfriend is...
Can my dui case be thrown out for any of the following reasons?
my arresting officer took my license to his car first...never returned it and told me a day later that he had lost it. The guy lost my ID When he first arrived I assumed that he was only making an effort to get me to move because I was in a fire lane. Within less than 10 minutes of being stopped I was offered a breathalyzer... I blew a .07....should have been good to go correct? I was made to blow continuasly in order to get a higher number., After paperwork and a drive all the way across town...plenty of time to get the alcohol that I had quite soon before his arrival time to get into my systen.....and even though it was not my level when I was in the car, I am charged with a .11....shouldn't I have been told to have a good night when I blew a .07?
If you case was in California, it is not likely it would be thrown out. For example,. the legal limit is 0.08 but you...
Is the statute of limitations up on a DUI after 11 years and no court?
I got a DUI n 2005 in North Carolina , I moved out of state never went back, n I have called numerous times for another court date. Never to receive one. How do I get my license back? Is time up?
If you were served with process and you left the state, the statute of limitations is not an issue. The case was...
My bac restriction ended on april 15, 2016. Do I have to go down to dmv to get new licence without the restriction?
Got dui Feb 11 2011. Went to court had breathalyzer thrown out but still got dui . Had bac restriction on until april 15, 2016. It is four months past that date. Do I have to go to dmv to get new licence without restriction
You should go to the DMV and get a new license without the restriction on it. The problem is that the police will see,...