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I was pulled over for DUI and I was given information on picking up my car, but I received no ticket or instructions. What now?
My license was not punched and I have no idea about an arraignment or any other things I need to do.
Unfortunately, you will probably be more formally charged soon. You will need to request a Department of Licensing DUI...
Do they drug test during unsupervised probation?
I was sentenced to two years supervised probation and three years unsupervised for a conviction of 2 dui's . I was required to do two years treatment which is ending soon and my supervised probation is ending shortly after . During treatment and supervised probation I was randomly drug tested . Do they continue random drug testing once treatment and supervised probation have been completed ?
That you are asking the question suggests that two years of treatment has not been fully effective. I will defer to...
Would driving without insurance while on probation randomly come up months later for a court date?
i am on a two year probation for DUI, i recently received a letter in the mail for a new court date in july. but i have no clue what it is for, i havent been arrestted, ive carried out all of my court ordered duties, the only thing i can think of is i got pulled over and got a ticket for no insurance, but i proved to them i had insurance and paid my fine. so i have no idead what it could be about. its saturday and i have no one to talk too.
Generally, probation for a DUI has a condition that you not operate a motor vehicle unless you have insurance. If the...
I had a dui charge dropped to reckless negligent driving and i am now going thru bankrupcy.
i am 56 years old. was an RN with poor references. guess i need to start over. what companies have liberal policies so i can start over, even at entry level anywhere. thanks
This question has nothing to do with law.
What are poss outcomes to alcohol-related domestic violence charge, while on DUI probation? No driving was involved. All in WA.
My son-in-law had a DUI earlier in 2010. Received typical penalties for first offense DUI, including probation. Last night, my daughter had to have him arrested for domestic violence (he had been drinking). This was also a first offense for him. Does a charge like this typically violate the terms of DUI probation? Or, since no driving was involved, does the domestic violation stand on its own?
The answer depends on the terms of his probation. The two flags here are the alcohol consumption and the arrest....
DWLS, 3rd degree, probation violation on DUI
I accidently plead guilty to DWLS, 3rd degree and wasn't aware of collateral consequences in another court. If I had plead "not guilty" I would have gotten my license and shown back up in court and all I would have gotten is a NVOL. How can I change my plea without an attorney. No offense, but I think the're all manipulative liars.
It would be irresponsible for a "manipulative liar" to tell you to try to do this yourself. You need to hire another "...
Can you lose your license for a DUI arrest but no conviction?
Okay, so my boyfriend got arrested for blowing UNDER the limit but they did a blood draw (which came out clean) and now they're trying to take away his license. Can they do that and if so how and why?
There are three instances in which the DOL will move to suspend or revoke a license administratively due to a DUI...