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Breathalyzer Refusal advisement, asked if was refusing, trickery to get refusal?
I have read several cases referencing a confusion doctrine; I understand that one does not have a right to have attorney present at breath test. Continued requests, for an attorney could establish grnds for confusion doctrine. If an officers response to attorney request after breathalyzer advisement is, "are you refusing" (very fast, angry, almost taunting)and "Yes", is given......How is it determined which question was actually being said yes to? Is there anything worth looking at here? Side note:Same officer that documented a slurred speech, when answering "no" to a question, when trying to establishing probable cause. Is that even possible, to slur the single word "no"???? .....very young over zealous officer.
“despite the best efforts of police officers, some confusion may remain.” A defendant seeking to establish a claim of...
Should I plea quilt y and take a plea bargain of 6 months in jail or should I go to trail.
I have a DUI from 2008, paid all fines and completed all suspensions, I have a second DUI in 2013 paid all fines but 6 months before the suspension was completed I received 2 driving while on a suspended license tickets on a 2 DUI. I was driving to school not drinking.
I would sit down and speak privately with a local attorney for further assistance before you do either. Six months in...
Can I still be issued a DUI for an accident if I was not given a breathalyzer test or had blood drawn at the scene?
I was drinking & driving and hit another car. Another car was involved in the accident & they fled the scene as well. At the scene the cop questioned if I was drinking because he said I smelled of alcohol but I never confirmed or denied that. At no point did he ask me to run through any tests to verify this. I was allowed to be picked up and went home after the scene was cleared. No tickets were issued at the time however in my town they usually mail them home in a few weeks. With no proof of being drunk aside from smell do I have to fear being given a DUI?
Yes you could still get a DWI ticket in the mail but it does not sound like they could win it without physicals or...
Hi. I hold a temporary In-Transit PA registration which is expired. Can I drive my car ?
I hold a driver's license in NJ but I purchased a car in PA. so I got a temp. registration. I did't receive any communication from dealer or NJ DMV regarding my permanent license plates. The dealer is telling me to drive a car with the same expired registration until i get it. He tells me sometimes it takes more than 30 days to get the permanent registration. what do I do ?
I'd ask the dealer to reissue me new temporary registration. If you drive with bad registration, you'll get a ticket.
I am curious about the background check for a work visa to new zealand and weather it will show a dui from nj?
Will this disqualify me from obtaining the visa and am i permitted to say I have no criminal record?
This is essentially an immigration question. You need to either ask a immigration attorney in New Zealand or contact...
What is the likelihood of receiving a jail sentence for my fourth driving on a suspended license?
I already served 10 days in jail for my third offense. All three previous offenses occurred in the state of Va. My fourth offense occurred in Deleware.
If your offense was in the state of NJ it is pretty much guaranteed unless you have a great traffic ticket lawyer who...
Ignition Interlock - On which car, can I avoid it by not restoring the license for 6 months.
We have 2 cars. Before the incident both were under my name. The replacement of totaled was registered under spouse's name. Some time later, even second car was registered under spouse's name. After suspension of license, I removed my name from policy as authorized driver. The insurance company declined to extend coverage after policy end date. New policy has my name as authorized driver because the premium was higher if I excluded myself. I do not need to drive for work. Do I need to put the IID on both cars? Can I avoid IID by not restoring license for 6 months after suspension ends? Are there smart IIDs that will require only me to use them but not other drivers? Is there any alternate to IID like ankle bracelet? Can I buy another car for only me as driver and install IID in it? Thanks
My understanding is that you will not be restored until you show that the interlock is on a car. That car is the one...