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I had a dui in 2006 and did everything the court ordered (they didn't inform me of irdc) I did pay the fines &community service
I had a 10,000 dollar nj surcharge bill I paid it I'm full in 2016 and was told I could get my license back , I went to DMV and they said I had a noncompliance from irdc filed in 2009 however in 2008 my suspension was over and my NJ driving privilege's were restored , in 2010 I got pulled over and the cop found a empty bottle of medicine (methadone) pain management and gave me a urine test an charged me with a dui I got it dropped down now its 2017 and the irdc says I must do 16 weeks of a program and I am on pain management and sued my former employer rewarded 90,000 an in NJ its 2 yrs and I am again suing the insurance and they told me I cant drive if I take pain medicine so if I cant drive why do I have to take the 16 week course? I thought hipper laws were broken when they asked my medicines and made me take a urine and are going to use this against me when I complete the course, I want to move out of NJ, if I do move cant they transfer IRDC to another state ,what if I move to Spain?
This question is somewhat convoluted. Have you been convicted of one DUI or two? When was the 16-week program ordered?...
Will DWI conviction(but not yet guilty) affect my OPT EAD Extension process.
I have been convicted for DWI but my OPT EAD extension is in process. I have not yet been guilty of it and the case is supposed to kickoff in a month or so as I have hired a lawyer. My main concern is that will just the conviction affect my OPT EAD Extension process? Given that my BAC is 0.13 and I don't have any prior tickets to this (not even a parking ticket).
If you hired a lawyer you should be asking that lawyer these questions but in general DWI's do not have an effect on...
Does DWI effect H1-B transfer?
Does DWI effect H1-B transfer and prudential revocation of visas is applicable to all the DWI convicts or USCIS select a few and revokes visa prudentially?
Yes a DWI can effect you any immigration status. if you have been charged with or found guilty of a DWI you need to...
Breathalyzer Refusal advisement, asked if was refusing, trickery to get refusal?
I have read several cases referencing a confusion doctrine; I understand that one does not have a right to have attorney present at breath test. Continued requests, for an attorney could establish grnds for confusion doctrine. If an officers response to attorney request after breathalyzer advisement is, "are you refusing" (very fast, angry, almost taunting)and "Yes", is given......How is it determined which question was actually being said yes to? Is there anything worth looking at here? Side note:Same officer that documented a slurred speech, when answering "no" to a question, when trying to establishing probable cause. Is that even possible, to slur the single word "no"???? .....very young over zealous officer.
“despite the best efforts of police officers, some confusion may remain.” A defendant seeking to establish a claim of...
Should I plea quilt y and take a plea bargain of 6 months in jail or should I go to trail.
I have a DUI from 2008, paid all fines and completed all suspensions, I have a second DUI in 2013 paid all fines but 6 months before the suspension was completed I received 2 driving while on a suspended license tickets on a 2 DUI. I was driving to school not drinking.
I would sit down and speak privately with a local attorney for further assistance before you do either. Six months in...
Can I still be issued a DUI for an accident if I was not given a breathalyzer test or had blood drawn at the scene?
I was drinking & driving and hit another car. Another car was involved in the accident & they fled the scene as well. At the scene the cop questioned if I was drinking because he said I smelled of alcohol but I never confirmed or denied that. At no point did he ask me to run through any tests to verify this. I was allowed to be picked up and went home after the scene was cleared. No tickets were issued at the time however in my town they usually mail them home in a few weeks. With no proof of being drunk aside from smell do I have to fear being given a DUI?
Yes you could still get a DWI ticket in the mail but it does not sound like they could win it without physicals or...
Hi. I hold a temporary In-Transit PA registration which is expired. Can I drive my car ?
I hold a driver's license in NJ but I purchased a car in PA. so I got a temp. registration. I did't receive any communication from dealer or NJ DMV regarding my permanent license plates. The dealer is telling me to drive a car with the same expired registration until i get it. He tells me sometimes it takes more than 30 days to get the permanent registration. what do I do ?
I'd ask the dealer to reissue me new temporary registration. If you drive with bad registration, you'll get a ticket.