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  • USPI Violates FOIA Repeatedly For Years

    Sunday Mar 19 | via IndyMedia 

    March 20, 2017 Vicente Gonzalez United States Congressman EDINBURG OFFICE 2864 West Trenton Rd Edinburg, TX 78539 United States Postal Inspector Chief Postal Inspector 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW. Rm 1P830 Washington DC 20260-1101 Re: FOIA CASE NO- 2016-FPRO-00564; Letter from USPS, FOIA Specialist Anastasia Bartholomew, dated May 19, 2016; Letter from USPS, Privacy and Records Office, Analyst Jerri M. Sanders, dated May 13, 2016; Enc: one copy of my driver license Dear Congressman Gonzalez, I request that your office kindly contact the USPS, Chief Postal Inspector, and advise him/her that repeated violations of the FOIA are not acceptable.


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  • Weapons analysis results pending in strip club shoot...

    Friday Mar 10 | via The Brownsville Herald 

    After the hearing, it appears likely that Genaro Maldonado, who is accused of killing one man and wounding several others during a shooting at an Edinburg strip club, will face jurors around late April or early May. Maldonado's defense attorney, Edinburg-based O. Rene Flores, said he is still awaiting the results of firearm analysis on different handguns obtained from the shooting in April. About one month ago, Flores said he had received all of the evidence from the state's prosecutor and - pending the analysis of weapons, a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber handgun, and a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun - was ready to commence.


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  • Lawyer claims police denied him access to clients

    Friday Feb 24 | via The Brownsville Herald 

    A defense attorney claims the police department in Hidalgo violated the civil rights of three of his clients who, he says, were denied access to an attorney while in custody and appeared to get no relief despite an emergency hearing in front of a state district judge. The incident began around noon Wednesday, when Hidalgo police officers arrested eight people in connection with an unknown crime.


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Edinburg Law

Can i be extradite if i have a 2nd dwi offense class a misdemeanor and leave the state of to another state
Not having transportation to attend my probation appointments..therefore i don't want to and just leave the state
Yes you can be extradited but I doubt you would be actively pursued. However, if you are stopped on a traffic violation...
So I'm on probation for a DWI and POM. If ive never been tested for alcohol, will they test me randomly at court?
Never been tested for alcohol once in this whole year. Split a bottle of wine with my Mom today and I'm a tad buzzed. But didnt think if they'd test me for alcohol(since they never have) until my grandpa started talking about it. Could the court test me for it? Even though it wasn't court ordered to do at the beginning? I have court tomorrow morning.
Yes they could test you . I would keep my mouth shut and get out of your appointment as fast as you can,
I was convicted of a drug charge in 2008 n my CDL was disqualified is there a way I can get it back ,
I was caught with drugs in an 18 wheeler in January 2008 but I was sentenced in February 2009 why was CDL disqualified I plead quilty in March 2008 n the law had passed in July 2008 I want to know if there is a way to get it back truck driving is my life , I know I did something wrong but I learned from it n I paid the price for it
I am not licensed in Texas. Check with a licensing attorney in Texas about regaining your CDL in Texas now that you...
I hired an attorney for a DWI case and a resisting arrest case. The 2 charges happened at the same time.
My attorney stated that he would charge me $2000 for each offense. He never showed up or often showed up after the pretrial hearings. We had 3 pretrial hearing and he was on time in only 1 hearing. I paid him a total of $4000 to represent in my cases. In the end he advised me to take a plea bargain in which i pled guilty to DWI and the resisting arrest would be dropped. My question is did I overpay my attorney for accepting the plea bargain? I never received a copy of the agreement or letter of engagement that I believe they had me sign. Can I ask for some of my fees to be reimbursed since he didn't fight my case and instead offered me to take the plea bargain? Or will it be more costly if I sue for misrepresentation?
You can ask for fees if you want to but I doubt you'll get them. It doesn't appear to me that you're entitled to them....
Can cops prove if you were drunk enough to the illegal limit if they didn't even take a blood alcohol test
it came out on the news that we were highly drunk and that's why we had a little boy drive but that wasent the case we were letting him practice drive but when the cops stopped us they said the reason was because we were drunk
Yes, juries will be the officers observations, especially if they've been trained in alcohol and drug detection.
First of all, you absolutely, 100% need to get an attorney retained immediately. This is a very serious charge with...
If I would want to apply for a sentri pass with a DWI in record, would I still be accepted?
I recently just got a DWI, thought I want to apply for the sentri pass. Would this deny me from being accepted?
This looks like a duplicate question. Meet with your DUI lawyer and have him/her meet with an immigration lawyer.