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Sentencing Court
My husband goes to sentencing tom at 130 for his 2nd dui and driving without a liencse. Him and his lawyer made some kind of plea for 90 days arrest and 6 months probation. Will the judge accept that or can he decline it and put my husband in jail.
if your husband has a lawyer he should be asking these questions of his lawyer.
Probation violation from drinking, has not been charged with DUI yet, has been over 72 hours and still being held.
Man i know has been on probation for 2 years now, 5 more to go, and then got arrested for speeding, his breathalizer was error. Took him for bloodwork then straight to jail. Hes been there for 5 days now, with no charges filed, has not recieved any paperwork, cannot get an answer from anyone.He has a gagnon hearing at the end of the month, his alleged drinking must be his probation violation. Are they going to hold him until that hearing? It's legal to be held for a month with no charges and no information until the gagnon hearing? thinking that his BAC was below the legal limit, and this is his1st dui offense, is it safe to assume since it has been past 72 hours and no charges yet, that they are not going to charge him with DUI?
He needs a lawyer and a bondsman. This would be my next step. Hell in Oklahoma they have three years to press charges....
Will I be drug tested before my final hearing? Got a dui did my ard hearing and did the question thing
Final hearing in june. Have to call office to schedule another appointment. Wondering if they will drug rest at this appointment
You should check with the ard requirements in your county. Every county has different standards.
I have about 6 misdemeanors on my record, one being a DUI. Is it possible to get my records expunged. My last charge was in 2009
my first dui was in 2007, driving under a controlled substance. I also have criminal intent. I am currently in school for criminal justice and would like to get as many, if not all my records expunged. I have public drunkenness and criminal intent as well. Most of these charges occurred between 2007 and 2009.
The current answer to the question is that you can't seek expungement for any misdemeanor or felony conviction until...
If the da does not have my bloodwork for da should I fight this case? They did not have it at plea court and its being held...
Have public defender. Asked if I could see my bloodwork as the paper does have another name on one page. Im being pushed to plea guilty but the da did not have my bloodwork... Do I have a chance to win if they dont get it? I will be looking for an attorney if that can be won or plea bargained. Please help
Do not make any decision until all the evidence has been presented to you and your attorney. If this is your first...
Breathalyzer - Medication
Hi, Right before taking the Breathalyzer, the officer asked me if I was on any medications. I told him I was taking some cough medicine, he didn't have any response to that and continued with the Breathalyzer. By admitting I was on medication, should he have opted to give me a blood or urine test instead? Proof of this confession would be on booking room videotape. Also, he never checked in my mouth or asked if I had anything in my mouth... I had a cough drop in my mouth from when I was stopped! Thank you for your time.
There are a lot of rumors about the affect of cough medicine on the breath testing device. Many are untrue. Some, are...
What are my chances of being charged with a DUI and what are my chances of beating it?
I was in car accident a few months ago. I was severly injured and taken to the hospital immediately from the accident. My friend spoke to the officer that reported to the accident a few days after the crash and was told the officer believed I was under the influence and would subpeona the hospital for my blood results. The hospital did draw blood to see if I would need platelets and my BAC .107. How long do they have to charge me with a DUI? Is a hospital test reliable enough to be charged in court? I was under the assumption that the police had their own blood kits and procedures to ensure that the sample was not contaminated. Will I get a notice when the officer subpeonas my blood results and are those protected by doctor patient confidentiality?
A subpoena cannot be issued unless there is a case filed against you. The officer can, however, obtain a search...