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Can a probation officer withhold information from the state DMV pending me relocating?
I was charged with a two counts of DUI in Lawrence County, PA. My case was transferred to Allegheny County where I was living at the time. After serving the majority of time there I was changed to unsupervised/good behavior probation and was told I only needed to notify them if I was arrested or charged with another crime. Last year I moved to Derry, NH where I am meaningfully employed, volunteering at a rehab facility and requires me to be drug tested regularly, and 1.5 years clean & sober. After my liscense suspension was over I've been working with PennDot to finish everything needed to get my license reinstated - and the only thing they need is to be notified that I completed the court ordered DUI classes (completed). In trying to resolve this I found out that my case has been transferred back to Lawrence from Allegheny County so I contacted the woman listed as my new officer. She became very upset when she found out I was living out of state and told me that she would issue a warrant for my arrest unless I move back immediately. I explained exactly what happened. She told me that she won't contact PennDot about my completed classes unless I do what she says.
Did you max out? Should your probation be over? You need to file a petition to terminate or modify probation. Let me...
Is act 122 required for ard program in pa?
Is act 122 required for ard program in pa? I have found websites stating that it is only required for convicted dui cases for license restoration. Is this true?
Contact a local dui lawyer for a free consultation.
Is treatment court ordered?
I received a drug and alcohol assessment in PA for a a dui charge. It occurred after my sentencing date. I know the assessment was court ordered. Is this treatment court ordered if it was not known of the day of sentencing?
Most likely yes. Most likely, at sentencing, you were ordered to submit to an evaluation and comply with the...
Will I be drug tested before my final hearing? Got a dui did my ard hearing and did the question thing
Final hearing in june. Have to call office to schedule another appointment. Wondering if they will drug rest at this appointment
You should check with the ard requirements in your county. Every county has different standards.
I have about 6 misdemeanors on my record, one being a DUI. Is it possible to get my records expunged. My last charge was in 2009
my first dui was in 2007, driving under a controlled substance. I also have criminal intent. I am currently in school for criminal justice and would like to get as many, if not all my records expunged. I have public drunkenness and criminal intent as well. Most of these charges occurred between 2007 and 2009.
The current answer to the question is that you can't seek expungement for any misdemeanor or felony conviction until...
Breathalyzer - Medication
Hi, Right before taking the Breathalyzer, the officer asked me if I was on any medications. I told him I was taking some cough medicine, he didn't have any response to that and continued with the Breathalyzer. By admitting I was on medication, should he have opted to give me a blood or urine test instead? Proof of this confession would be on booking room videotape. Also, he never checked in my mouth or asked if I had anything in my mouth... I had a cough drop in my mouth from when I was stopped! Thank you for your time.
There are a lot of rumors about the affect of cough medicine on the breath testing device. Many are untrue. Some, are...
Dui18years ago driving under suspension tonight...
I was convicted of dui in 1999 .. I never sent for my license back after that.. Tonight I got pulled over and cited for driving without a license... will I still do 60-90 days in jail for this even though it was 18 years ago that I got my dui...im hoping I just get a fine but it was a dui that suspended my license 18years ago I haven't drank since and I haven't been in any touble since before tonight...
As per the responses you received in your last question, you are looking at a mandatory jail sentence as well as...