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What are my chances of jail time for careless driving in New Mexico?
I was driving at night in new mexico and almost missed getting onto my exit ramp. I made the exit and continued to brake, but suddenly my tires skidded and i jerked the wheel a bit too far. My car was fighting me and i tried to straighten it out. It flipped once and the ambulance came to get me. I got a citation for careless driving, and i have to appear in court in front of a judge. What are my chances of fighting this or is it likely I'm going to jail? I am also fromout of state.
Jail is not very likely. You mostly should be concerned about the insurance rates going up. Careless driving puts a lot...
Will I pass my lab test 6 days after drinking for about a week straight? I was drinking shots of vodka and malt liquor!
I stopped on a Thursday night around midnight and I have a lab test the very next Thursday! I'm on probation and they always send my urinalysis to the lab! Very nervous and not a drink since or after I take my test!!!
Your body should have processed and eliminated all the alcohol after six days, if you were not continuing to drink...
Can I get legal help from a legal aid in New Mexico to help me with warrants I have in arizona?
I have 2warrants from Arizona. One for not going to a driving class and paying my fine because I was homeless, jobless and had to move to New Mexico to get a roof over my head. I also have a warrant from Arizona because I wad evicted from my apartment, my sons were abusing me and I had to leave the state. I spent 24 hours in jail, went to court and the charges were dropped. The charges were reopened once I was in New Mexico and I have no money to go to Arizona to go to court. My license is suspended and I have warrants. What should I do?
Whatever the reasons you did not take care of court matters, you will not get a valid license until you take care of...
Which states will NOT extradite my new mexico dui 3 charge?
Ive recenty picked up a 3rd dui in new mexico (misdemeanor ). Now im totally drained of cash after the last two, and unable to pay the steep fines after this next one. So im researching my options as far as relocation, but am not finding much. So I guess my question is what states will NOT extradite me back to new mexico?
Move to Algeria.
What can we expect from the arraignment?
My son was arrested last night for drag racing, speeding and aggravated fleeing. He is currently waiting for arraignment. What can we expect for bond? He's 23 and this is the first time he's been arrested. The officer told him he didn't pull over fast enough and that's why he was charged with fleeing. He has to drive as part of his job so I'm praying that his license isn't revoked or suspended. Also, his car was impounded and since it was just purchased a week ago, we can't get it out until the registration from the dealer arrives.
All your questions can be quickly answered with a hired Criminal Defense Attorney who will have all the facts and...
My fiance got a DUI in 2012 and an attorney suggested he should sign for voluntary deportation and he did .
My fiance got a DUI in 2012 and voluntarily signed his deportation he was sent to his country and he tried coming back and got caught so they deported him for 5 years he tried coming back again and made it back to the U. S he is currently here and got his license unsuspended with putting an interlock on his vehicle for 6 months the DUI has been the only thing he has had on his record, we are getting married soon and I am a US Citizen and we have 4 US Citizen children is there any way we can fix his legal status although he reentered the US illegally
No. As a multiple violator he must be out of the US for 10 years before he can be admitted.
I was drunk and called the cops on my husband. I was in a blackout and I dont remember anything
He is charged with domestic battery. He was charged in 12/18/2016. He does not have a public defender yet. I tried to drop the charges because he didnt do anything to me. They wont let me drop the charges. How ling is this going to take.
Dropping the charge is not an option that is available to you at this point. Prosecutors will often take victim's...