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  • Two teens charged as adults in Edgewood street robbery

    Thursday Feb 2 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    Deputies from the Harford County Sheriff's Office were called around 4 p.m. Jan. 24 for a report of a street robbery in Edgewood, according to Cristie Kahler, a spokesperson for the agency. A victim told deputies he was walking through the park behind the shopping center in the 1800 block of Pulaski Highway when he was approached by several people, Kahler wrote in an email.


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  • Campus Hills mobile phone store robbed Tuesday

    Thursday Feb 2 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    Deputies were called around noon Tuesday to the Power Wireless store in the 2300 block of Churchville Road for a report of an armed robbery during which at least one gunshot was fired, according to a news release from the Harford County Sheriff's Office. Deputies were told that two unknown black men entered the store and one of them pulled out a handgun and demanded money.


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Edgewood Law

Can the State of MD asked you during an interview/investigation for employment of non-convicted offenses?
Last year, I applied for a Parole Officer position in the state of MD. As a surprise, I was contacted by and investigator after my interview. She asked me to come in a go over my "reference list with her." So, again, this is all I thought I was coming in for. Not expecting it, and from rattling it off of a list of questions, she asked me whether or not I had any chargable offenses, convictions or felonies that she would find in my criminal background. I said no, and she went on to the next question. Later that week, she called me and told me that I was being deceptive b/c I had 2 PBJ's for DUI's. What the hell!!! I thought it was illegal to ask about non-convictions in MD, and I thought I was answering right. Can she ask me about any past chargable offenses?
Without looking at the questionaire or reviewing the specific way she asked the question, no definitive asnwer can be...
What should i be expecting after a dui?
I was in an accident two months ago coming home after a few drinks. I had lost control in the rain and hit a pole. No one else was involved but i was taken to the ER. I spoke to the officer for my case at the hospital. I signed a form stating i was willing giving an alcohol test. After finding out what my BAC was from the hospitals tox report i believe it is incorrect. The officer said he would call me a few days later and have me come to the station for something. He did no take my license or give me any paper except the form that i signed. I have not heard from him in two months or the courts. I am going to attempt to get my police report, but i would like to know what i could potentially be expecting and the best course of action.
It can take a few months to be charged, but don't make any statements without representation
Can I get a license and ignition interlock device installed in Maryland if I have a dui in North Carolina?
I finished paying my fines, took all of my required classes and successfully completed my probation period early. I need to have an ignition interlock device installed but was wondering if I would be able to do so in Maryland. I can't seem to find any information on the subject and I'm planning on moving up there.
The answer is found in NC. If the Probation Order requires you to get Court permission before you travel out of State,...
Need to know if I will be ok without a lawyer
I got a driving on suspended citation which I paid it the next day it was for an administrator fee. I'm just trying to avoid jail time I have a very good driving record
It is always advisable to have an attorney for any offense that carries possible jail time. If you cannot afford a...
Can I go to jail for driving while being on suboxine my Dr said see how the meds effect u before driving
I was pulled over yesterday the cop said I was fluctuating my speed so he pulled me over then he said something g about my pupils so I told him I was prescribed suboxine he made me do sobriety test which I failed but I have diabetes and a bad leg then they made me blow in a machine to test for alcohol I passed he then ask me to go. To. The state police barracks to blow again so I did and passed but I have never been able to walk a straight line sober or not my doctor told me to see how the soboxine effects me before I drive never told me I couldn't I have been on suboxine for 4 years and never have had a problem like this plus I hadn't eaten anything nkr took my insulin could this have effected my ability to walk straight how can they do this to me when I'm prescribed suboxine
You can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs even if it is prescription medication. If you have been...
How does the Maryland look back effect my case?
I was charged with a third DUI in Maryland 11/2016. The last DUI was in Maryland also, 4/2002.
The judge can look at any prior convictions or probation before judgment in determining your sentence. It will help...
Can i still receive my license if its been suspended and revoked and how long do you think it could take
I do not have a drivers license but have been pulled over several times and first 2 times they suspended my license and after ive got caught again they revoked them..now im done driving and think its time to get my license
Go a full service MVA and ask them when you are eligible for a new license. When you are eligible, apply to get your...