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What are the consequences I am looking at?
Hello. Just about 5 yrs ago maybe 6 I got ticketa for dui in nj. Rough time in life my mom passed sudden, I found her and just and a 1000 mile stare running wild for help. So after the dui I got scared and wanted help lawyer told me to go to rehab so I flew to FL completed 3 mos rehab followed by 6 mos to almost a year aftercare. Then all of a sudden it's been 5 years and I have just been staying low here and holding jobs. Now I want to take care of it. Do not know if file a motion for speedy trial works in my particular case. Lawyer was going to court with progress notes and then it just got quite. He told me to take the time I needed to get well and happy. Lawyer says now, that i may have to be in NJ for a month max to resolve it but I have a job and I rent a room here. What should I do, what am I looking at for charges? Should I do my homework and see if arresting officer is still in municipality? I want to move on
I do not know all the facts and circumstances. But it sounds like you have generally been on the run from the case for...
DUI In NJ If i was already for guilty 2004 dui and then i reopen the case 2008 what date does the suspension start 2004 or 2008
Please advise,
More information is needed. Did you hand in your license in 2004 or did the court stay the penalties pending an appeal?
Can i get a liscence in another state after a dui in new jersey
please advise
In almost all cases...No. You cannot avoid a license suspension by crossing a state line. Better to see if you have...
How does a DUI affect immigration status?
I am a permanent resident here for more than 10 years and was pulled over for a DUI a month ago. This will be my second offense. My first offense was 2 years ago and resulted in a 7 months suspension and about $750 in fines and a $3000 insurance surcharge. I have been advised of the fines and suspension a second offense carries but was told to seek advice regarding my immigration status. Both charges are non aggravated and did not result in any damage or injury. Both offenses were discovered due to traffic violations (speeding). Is it possible that I can get deported should I be convicted of a second offense?
Seek advice, does not mean ask a message board. It means consult with a lawyer in their office where you have the...
When I had a post stroke seizure while driving and lost control of vehicle and crashed into a wall, Police thought I was drunk?
Although, there was alcohol in my system, I explained at the scene that I had a seizure and need medical attention right away, None was given until after the hour and a half booking process. My post stroke symptoms are still active today. I believe my disabilities would have been greatly reduced had I received immediate medical attention. Would this be considered negligence?
Such treatment by the police is quite common. Unfortunately because you had alcohol in your system, it rendered the...
How long is a dui on my driving record in NJ
I was arrested when I got into my car. My car had been parked the wrong way or I was reported. I don't know which. It never happened again and I've not drank since that night 5 years ago. But is it still on my driving record?
As long as you live, barring global disaster or the end of the US as we know it.
Charged with DWI. Didnt receive any discovery after requesting for a week. Is this ground for dismissal ?
I am charged with DWI. I have requested for discovery but didnt receive it after a week. The court date is coming up. Is this a ground for dismissal. Can I file a motion to dismiss ?
Not on your life. Try coming every month for six months and then maybe, but don't count on it then. DWI without a...