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If I blow a .00 how could I get convicted of driving under the influence? I thought it was a going to be a closed case?
The officer admitted that he only arrested me because he thought I was going to file a formal complaint... In court, 3 times... But I still got convicted. MVA, didn't. But the state did. Explain that.
Did they accuse you of driving under the influence of controlled substances rather than alcohol?
Can I get a DUI expunged from my record in Maryland?
At the time of my DUI in 2008, if you received a PBJ, you could file for expungement after five years and that's what I planned to do since I did receive a PBJ. I later found out that they changed the policy two years later in 2010, stating that no DUI can be expunged from your record. If I got my DUI when the policy was expungement after five years, shouldn't I still be be allowed to expunge it from my record since the policy changed after the infraction?
I do not believe your understanding is correct about the law in 2008. The law did not allow for expungement, but...
How can I expunge my DUI case?
I got DUI on April 24, 2015 for the first time. I got convicted as guilty for driving under influence of alcohol. I was charged as probation before judgement. My one year of probation finished on September 3, 2016. I attended classes and went to community service as well. Now what should I do to expunge my DUI case?
Unfortunately, a probation before judgment for a DUI cannot be expunged in Maryland.
Was given a citation for a pill crusher, it cites a fine and a date in court? What are some outcomes?
I was pulled over while in a parking lot, and an officer noticed my pill crusher (for taking muscle relaxers quicker as I have a neurological pain disorder, and putting my muscle relaxers crushed in a drink makes them get rid of the pain quicker) that was in my pocket, I stupidly just pulled it out and didn't think it was any kind of crime and they gave me a citation which is a 500$ fine, but also carries a court date, what is the worst that can happen? As part of a custody case I willingly took a drug test at ADI an official drug treatment center and they were all negative. I am worried about being forced into treatment or drug courses when I am currently and have always been clean, I missed the cut off date for a public defender and plan on asking for a contiunece, however if it's denied what can happen?
For a first offense, the maximum penalty for paraphernalia is a fine. Subsequent offenses carry jail. No one can...
What if you refused all tests and the officer found you sitting in your car
wasn't drinking at all. I refused all tests because I was scared when the officers came to my window with there guns drawn
You can be convicted of driving under the influence or driving while impaired. There many factors that the courts will...
How long between incidents does there need to be for a DUI to be considered a first offense?
My husband was pulled over for a DUI in March 2016. His trial was just this week (8/23/16). He was sentenced with a DWI, 1 yr. probation, and 1 weekend in jail. He was pulled over back in 2009 and was given a PBJ. If the lookback period for Maryland is 5 years, why was this stop considered to be a 2nd offense? He has had a clean record for 7 years.
There is no specific "look back" period. Any prior conviction or PBJ may be considered by the sentencing judge. There...
What to do if you didn't file for an mva hearing in time before license was suspended for a DUI?
My girlfriend got arrested for a DUI. She went to her court date in July and got it continued so she can use the public defenders office. She was issued a temp license. but didn't know she had to request an mva hearing. She got pulled over today and got a ticket for driving on a suspended. What can she do to get an extension of her temp license or a restricted license that allows her to at least drive to work?
If 30 days have expired and it sounds like it has, then it is too late to file for a hearing or elect the ignition...