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Can I get my Missouri license back after a 10 year revocation?
According to the DOR website I have to petition the court of the last DWI conviction to obtain an Order of Reinstatement. It also says that I must register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) for a Criminal History Check. According to Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 302 Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses Section 302.060 (9) To any person who has been convicted more than twice of violating state law, except that, after the expiration of ten years from the date of conviction of the last offense of violating such law or ordinance relating to driving while intoxicated. It says that they will look at my conviction for the last 10 years and I have a drug possession charge 8 years ago and have been clean and sober ever since...will the court reinstate me?
You seem to have a very good case. It is always better to have an attorney that understands the statutory...
Are the new dui laws in missouri retoactive
do they app lie to some one already serving a five year denial
I assume you are concerned with the interlock requirement for reinstatement. Because it applies to the reinstatement...
Will the probation officer ever drug test you for a first offence DWI?
Dont have a criminal record. Its the first offence. Its a DWI not a DUI. Completed community service and about to finish VIP Class. Still gotta do SATOP. I understand that the probation officer has the right to, (I think he does, right?) And if so, with the details above. Is it common for them to Drug Test for a DWI Charge and its a first offence with 2 Years Supervised probation. Any and all help is greatly Appreciated. Thanks
When you are on probation, you have to follow any and all orders from your probation officer. If the officer wants you...
I was arrested for dwi but it was amended to careless and imprudent driving. I'm now feeling out application for fed job
They are doing a background check. They are asking for any arrest , charges and convictions . What do I need to tell them and what class is carelss and imprudent driving in missouri?
Yes you need to report your conviction on the application for the federal job. It will likely come up anyway and if you...
With a DUI, can you transfer to another town on probation, as long as you gain clearance?
DUI, probation, moving to another town in the same state
If you have a probation officer, check with him. If not, look at your probation rules to see if it is prohibited or...
Registering vehicle after DUI forfeiture in new state residence
My vehicle was forfeited in my DUI case a year ago and my car sat in my bank auction facility for 3 months. They contacted me and asked me if I wanted the car back. I asked my lawyer if I should and his reply was " if the bank is giving you your car back, I suggest doing so" I paid some fees, retrieved the vehicle and its been 60 days since I shipped it to my new home state I havent received any letters or communication from my home state. I had the vehicle shipped to my new state, so my question is, since it was a repossession title, when I register it in my new state, what will happen, if anything at all. I also will need to get it set up on interlock, reporting to my home state. I still have the original title, and the bank issued a new "secured interest" title.
It is not clear from the information what some of the issues are. A car title can be used to register the car in any...
How do I report a 4 month old drunk driving accident a friend had.
This guy drove home drunk on suspended licenses, illegal tags no insurance and was drunk. He totaled out his car and had a friend of his tow the car home before police could arrive. How can I report this crime.
You could contact your local police department or the district attorney to report the crime. However, it is unlikely...