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Can chapter 7 eliminate drivers responsibility fees in michigan for DUI?
I have 3000 dollars owed to my drivers responsibility fees still for drinking and driving? I've fallen into a deep hole and i'm filing bankruptcy. Can I include these fees owed to the state with chapter 7?
You can include them. You must include them. You must list all debts you owe when you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy....
Will I Loose My CNA License For first Offense Of A Owi
I Just Got Pulled Over Sunday Morning N Went To Jail For A Owi
No, you are not likely to lose your CNA license but, there may be employment consequences. Your job may not be as...
I got my 3rd DUI in Michigan 23 years after my 2nd one. I successfully completed all requirements from the 2nd one. What now?
I was able to get my license back and haven't had any other legal problems in 23 years. Not even a parking ticket. Can I expect a favorable outcome with this latest charge?
If this is your third offense DUI then you would be charged with a felony. This is extremely serious as prosecutors...
Will I pass a background check? I was charged with a DUI in PA in September of this year.
The summons was sent to the wrong address and subsequently was returned to the court and they placed an arrest warrant on me. Meanwhile, I had moved to Michigan. The cop that pulled me over gave me a call and told me about the warrant and told me to call the court to get it handled.. I did this and made the trip back to PA for the hearing. They DID fingerprint me after the preliminary hearing and then a few days later, I was required to have another hearing (the one where they just determine if there's enough evidence for a trial). My Public Defender got me enrolled in ARD and told me this means that the DUI will only show up on a driving record, not as a conviction. I just had to do a Livescan for a job that I was offered which stated "conviction only". Will this show up on the results?
It is impossible to state whether it will show up because that is contingent on several factors including the extent of...
I received an open intox ticket at central Michigan university this past weekend. I do not know if I should plead guilty or not.
This is my first offense ever and im 21.
Even though this seems like a minor charge/violation if you have no prior criminal record it's important to make sure...
If on probation for impaired driving and just recieved an m.i.p what will happen
im on probation until september and i just received an m.i.p
If you are on probation for impaired driving, you are looking at a maximum possible sentence of 93 days in jail for a...
Can they arrest someone on the spot for a dui violation?
My brother had a hearing early this morning for a dui violation. His etg came back positive. It is his only violation. No one is able to get a hold of him. Is it possible that he got arrested on the spot? Who can I contact to find out. He did not have a lawyer present at this hearing. Thank you. Oakland county, mi
You need to check two places for him. 1. The court he was in this morning; and 2. The county jail. The court should...