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My car has been deemed a total loss after a drunk driver hit me and his insurance company won't let me keep my car.
The drunk driver’s insurance company is totaling out my car. There is a lone on the car. They are telling me that I have to come up with the money to pay off the loan before I can retain ownership of the car. I want them to pay off the loan, deduct the value of the car from the settlement, and give me a check for the remainder with a salvaged title. There reply has been that there’s a MN state law saying that they can’t pay off the loan on the car without taking ownership of the vehicle. They will pay off the loan only if they get to keep the car in other words otherwise I have to come up with the money to pay off the loan before I can keep the car and receive a check from them. Why do I have to come up with money to pay off the loan before I can keep the car? FYI: the driver was arrested.
You may want to check your loan documents and see if you have GAP insurance. GAP covers the difference between what...
Will a misdemeanor DWI charge be able to be expunged in 2015 with the new expungement bill passed by governor Dayton?
I know that a person needs to wait until 2 years past completion of sentence. I'm just wondering if DWIs will now be eligible since they were not, previously since they were considered serious crimes along with murder and sex crimes.
It would be extremely unlikely for a Judge to expunge a DWI. That is particularly true when the look back period fro...
Will I be allowed to renew my MN teachers license with a DWI on my record?
I recently got a DWI and I am concerned about the impact it will have on my MN teachers license. I do not believe (hopefully) it will impact my current license that is still good for 3 years but I was wondering if I'll have to disclose it when I renew and could it prevent renewal.
Yes, you are required to disclose it when your license is renewed. (I think technically you're supposed to disclose it...
I was charged with a 3rd degree DWI - (Blew .20) What are penalties for a 1st time offender realistically? (Hennepin County)
Car was impounded and plates were removed before I picked it up the next day. I did not have to go to jail that night. Blew .20. Trying to figure out what I will have to do when court comes. I don't have a ton of money and have talked to a few lawyers. Everyone says I just need a public defender. I am trying to possibly get it reduced to a misdemeanor vs. gross. Any private lawyers ever accept payment plans? Also, should I get a chemical assessment now or wait for it to be ordered? Thank you for your time!
There are many private attorneys that accept payment plans and most will take payment by credit card as well. If you...
Can I get a dwi off my record i have 3 of them 23, 21 and one is 10 years old in mn I need one remove for employ. can this be do
It is truck driving job and they tell me one has to be removed to get the job
It might be theoretically possible with an ideal fact pattern, but difficult, expensive and unlikely. Why? Because...
If i am on probation in mankato and got a dwi in minneapolis will my probation in mankato find out? will i now get a felony?
i am on probation for a minor comsumption chage, and also just plead out and got a 152.18 for 5th degree possession charge in mankato. felony amount
If you pled to a 5th degree possession - felony: Unless, if the plea agreement had conditions to reduce the felony...
Why did I get my administrative penalty for "refusal to test", but still haven't gotten any criminal notice/penalty/court date?
At the end of Feb, I was driving drunk and hit a tree and was taken to the hospital. About two weeks later, I got an accident report from the police station that said that I admitted to drinking (while still on the scene of the accident), but when I was taken to the hospital that I "refused to test". Because of that, about a month later I got a notice from the DPS about my license being suspended for "refusal to test". It has now been a month since THAT notice, and a few days away from two full months since the accident. Why haven't I gotten any criminal penalties/court date, etc.? Is it possible I wont? (I ask because I don't want to go do everything I have to do to reinstate my license, including buying a new car/plates, etc, only to have new penalties, plates impounded, etc)
Charges do take some time to process. I would call the courthouse where the charge would be filed and ask them to...