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I was arrested for dangerous drug-poss/use, drug paraphernalia-possess/use, DUI drug listed in 13-3401 or metabolite 1st.
I was not booked into jail I was released the same night. 1 week later the prosecutor filed complaint then 9 days later a pre-adj warrant was issued and bond set. i have complied with everything I dont understand why a warrant is issued not a summons to appear. In 1999 is was convicted and sent to prison for the things in my past. I served 8 years (released in 2007) and have been in no trouble since Aug 2013. Why is a warrant issued and not a summons to appear? And when i called the courts to ask why i have a warrant I was told its to insure that I show up to my court hearing, i asked when i am to appear in court and was told no court date has been set.....Confused?
You should hire an attorney immediately. There are a number of reasons why the State has chosen to go this route....
I was charged with two first time dui both within five years I had a cdl what will it take to get it back here in arizona
won my appeal basically due to due process rights and agreed for first time dui again mvd said im revoked for life how long is this and can I get it back according to the courts ive never been charged for a second dui
If you appealed then more than likely you have an attorney. You should direct your questions to your attorney as they...
Statue of Limitations for DUI?
I was stopped for a hit and run accident on October 26th of 2011. I was taken into custody and blood was drawn. I have not heard anything about the case no notification from local PD or DMV . Can I still be charged after a years time has expired?
Criminally or civil? I changed the tag to criminal defense
Having never obtained a cdl an having 3 prior dui convictions, am i able to obtain a cdl now?
It has been 3 years since my last dui and atleast 7 years since my first. Can i now obain a cdl.
My understanding is that after the second DUI it is permanent disqualification and if you had a cdl, which you never...
What happens to my Arizona license after a DUI in Texas?
I have two DUI arrests in Illinois, but only one conviction. I recently moved to Arizona, and on the drive down, stopped in Texas for the night. While I was there I was arrested for DWI 2nd. I'm now in Arizona, I have an Arizona license and am registered. I just received Notice of Suspension from Texas giving me 45 days until I must send in my license. I haven't heard anything from my court appointed lawyer about a court date or anything. This suspension notice is just due to the fact that I didn't give a breath sample. So, I haven't been convicted yet as far as I know. Is Arizona notified about the process of my case? Am I supposed to send my AZ license in to TX? Does Arizona follow the suspensions and everything that Texas will convict me of? Shouldn't I get notice of suspension from Arizona as well?
The Texas court has personal jurisdiction over you, and Arizona has subject matter jurisdiction over your license. You...
Would a dui case be thrown out if inaccuracies are in the police report?
I passed out while driving. I ran over a stop sign and did a slow roll down the street ,where my truck met a block fence and was stopped. I was transported to theER via ambulance. The accident occurred very close to my house. My roommate walked to the site and was able to drive my truck to my house, then to the hospital to pick me up .I was never arrested or given a citation. Many months later, I was charged with a DUI. After finding this out, I saw, for the first time, an accident report. There were several inaccuracies regarding my truck. The most glaring one was that it was towed from the scene, even listing a tow company. The case is over now but, talking to other people that were accused of DUI, I've heard that those inaccuracies were enough to get the whole case dismissed. Is this true? I was represented by a court appointed legal defender. I tried to mention the discrepancies but was just brushed off and told it really had no bearing on my case. If it would have made a difference, what was the defenders legal obligation in telling me? Thank you, Mrs. D.
Discrepancies can be used by an attorney to raise doubt, not necessarily get the case dismissed. Your questions are...
How do I get my license reinstated following a suspension due to a DUI in 2008?
I paid all fines, served my 30 days in jail, and everything ordered by the court, and I am no longer on probation. Everything except the interlock device in my car. I am 66-years old, and I have COPD. I am unable to blow into the device strong enough to clear it or whatever it does. I have a clean driving record except for the DUI.
Unfortunately you will need to install an interlock on a vehicle and keep it there for the period of time required by...