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I was arrested for dangerous drug-poss/use, drug paraphernalia-possess/use, DUI drug listed in 13-3401 or metabolite 1st.
I was not booked into jail I was released the same night. 1 week later the prosecutor filed complaint then 9 days later a pre-adj warrant was issued and bond set. i have complied with everything I dont understand why a warrant is issued not a summons to appear. In 1999 is was convicted and sent to prison for the things in my past. I served 8 years (released in 2007) and have been in no trouble since Aug 2013. Why is a warrant issued and not a summons to appear? And when i called the courts to ask why i have a warrant I was told its to insure that I show up to my court hearing, i asked when i am to appear in court and was told no court date has been set.....Confused?
You should hire an attorney immediately. There are a number of reasons why the State has chosen to go this route....
I was charged with two first time dui both within five years I had a cdl what will it take to get it back here in arizona
won my appeal basically due to due process rights and agreed for first time dui again mvd said im revoked for life how long is this and can I get it back according to the courts ive never been charged for a second dui
If you appealed then more than likely you have an attorney. You should direct your questions to your attorney as they...
Statue of Limitations for DUI?
I was stopped for a hit and run accident on October 26th of 2011. I was taken into custody and blood was drawn. I have not heard anything about the case no notification from local PD or DMV . Can I still be charged after a years time has expired?
Criminally or civil? I changed the tag to criminal defense
Having never obtained a cdl an having 3 prior dui convictions, am i able to obtain a cdl now?
It has been 3 years since my last dui and atleast 7 years since my first. Can i now obain a cdl.
My understanding is that after the second DUI it is permanent disqualification and if you had a cdl, which you never...
Does my son need a DUI attorney in AZ?
He was arrested in Yuma AZ while sitting in his vehicle in a mall parking lot. A city police officer noticed him and asked him why he was sitting there. He said he was just there, no reason. The officer noticed an open beer in the vehicle. She asked him to blow. He refused. She took him to jail where he was booked and stayed for two days. He was sent before a judge who heard his statement but provided no useful feedback just allowed him to be released. They did not take his WA state drivers license. Now he is concerned that there may be some action being taken against him in Yuma of which he is not aware. How should he proceed to find out if this is happening?
I would call an experienced criminal attorney asap. Most firms, like ours, offer an initial free consultation via...
How fast will a DUI show on your record before you go to court?
My boyfriend got a DUI about three weeks ago but hasn't techniqually been charged with it and hasn't attended court yet. He also has an unpaid speeding ticket he needs to pay but he is wondering if the court can see he got his license revoked and if the DUI will show up yet when he goes to pay the speeding ticket? Can he go to jail for the speeding ticket and pending DUI before he goes to court for the DUI?
If he hasn't been charged there is nothing to show up on his record. You say he got a DUI so I wonder how he hasn't...
I can't pay for my fines for 2 DUI's in 2012. I don't have a job yet. Can I ask to do jail time or community service work?
I have not driven in over a year and had the Breathalyzer also for over a year. They may ask me to do the Breathalyzer again to get my license. I need to drive to work. I want to finish this altogether. I have done my classes but I still over 5000.00. Now that I am not working I was wondering if I can just go to jail and pay it off that way. I am now clean. No drugs or alcohol.
While there will be a new law taking effect next year allowing for individuals to do community service in lieu of fines,...