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If license is suspended at ALR hearing what is typical time suspension to come in to effect? Appeal before suspension effect?
Arrested for DWI. Took field sobriety test lost balance at 22 seconds standing on one foot. I did good on the eye test but not as good on heal to toe. Refused to take BAC test. First offense and not worried about criminal case. I have a CDL so keeping my license out of suspension at ALR is the real fight. I I realize ALR defense is harder to defend. I am trying to figure out in a worse case scenario how to draw the fight out if I am losing and keep my license for as long as possible. If TX is going to take it from me I want to go down hard. So I am trying to figure out if the Judge orders a suspension on my license on first hearing will I be able to appeal before the suspension goes in to effect.
Yes, it is possible to appeal an Administrative Law suspension of your driver's license, but it is fairly technical,...
How can i avoid doing state jail time? I am willing to do whatever it takes. Money is not an issue.
I was arrested for my 3rd dwi. Got the first one about 6 years ago and the 2nd about a year and a half ago. Pleaded out and did work release instead of probation for both previous convictions. I have no other convictions on my record. Family has a business that I work for and can't afford jail time.
You should call a competent Texas defense attorney very soon. I would like to hear the specifics of the charge pending...
What to do
On dwi blood results test how many times can the system in waco tx test my husbands blood if they already tested it and he was good, thier sending it back I thought if blood already been tampered with they (CAN NOT) re use it.?
The limit on how many times a blood test can be run is the amount of the blood used in the test compared to the amount...
What do we do please help
Well blood result came back my HUSBAND was not intoxicated, thats good bad news thiers sending the blood back to lab to see if thier is drugs in his system , Can they do this? What more can me take with the system that are mainly trying to mess up our lifes I mean we got kids that are going threw this as well
This sounds like a DUI case. Yes, they can test for other substances besides alcohol. Anyone facing a DUI prosecution...
What should we do
Okay now to finish when they took my husband to jail even after the fact he blew 000 didny have no acahol in his system they still to him to jail whe. He got to jail they took his blood now this the tricky thing his parole officer and lawyer we hired cant seem to find were the blood results are, so now he in jail for parole violation, dwi and unrestain child because our daughter wasnt in a proper seat,
You already have a lawyer. Let your husband speak to him. If you're unhappy with your lawyer, consult with a new one.
What are the laws for dwi with child passenger under 15 X 2 in Texas?
What amount of alcohol (BAC percentage) is considered illegal and also what if there were therapeutic amounts of prescription medicines (Diazapam and Hydrocodone) in your system? My BAC was .03 and the other prescribed meds were verified to be within therapuetic levels. Will this still be a felony and what will happen since I had 2 children in the car? (ages 14 and 11)
The following lays it out, but get a local criminal lawyer on deck now as it's serious http://www.dmv.org/tx-texas/...
Do I need a Texas State Board of Nursing Attorney or a DWI Attorney?
I got a DWI with child passenger under 15 X2 in 2009. The toxicology report shows therapeutic amounts of hydrocodone as well as Xanax in my system.(both prescribed) The alcohol analysis showed a BAC of .03 but I still got a felony because the kids were in the car. I am trying to apply to take the NCLEX to get my nursing license. The declaratory order asked me to disclose as well as provide disposition and discharge from probation. They are not asking for the tox report or the alcohol analysis. My disposition only shows a DWI. I want to show them that I had very low levels of both prescriptions and alcohol in my system by showing them the report. Would I have to show them both reports since they are separate or should I not provide them either report. They never asked for them.
You might want to discuss this matter with an attorney who regularly appears before the Nursing licensing board (a DWI...