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  • Pa. Arson Murder Remains a Mystery a Decade Later

    Wednesday Jan 21 | via FireHouse.com 

    "She loved shopping, and she told me she had bought me some fish while in the Strip District," Burkett recalled. She died of asphyxiation from toxic smoke and gas and from third-degree burns over 90 percent of her body, the Cambria County coroner's office said at the time.


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  • Lilly man faces felony charges of burglary, assault

    Friday Jan 2 | via Altoona Mirror 

    A Lilly man faces more than a dozen criminal charges after police said he tried to force his way into a vehicle and later attempted to break into an Ebensburg home early on New Year's Day. According to Ebensburg Borough police, Jason Michael Buterbaugh, 36, 408 Railroad St., tried to enter a woman's vehicle along Manor Drive about 2:30 a.m. The woman told police she saw a man, whom she later identified as Buterbaugh, standing in the middle of the road.


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Hello, I am confused on what to do and would greatly appreciate any advice. It was my college graduation week and my friend took me to a friends house for some drinks. We gave some of our friends a ride back . One of them started throwing up and paul the driver took an immediate right so that she could throw up in an alley. When leaving the alley, we were pulled over simce my friend had taken a one way street. Before the cops could come to the car , we started looking for documenst and switched so that i could find them since the car is mine and i had alot of stuff. I am now being charged with a dui. I have been offered the ARD program but i wasn't driving. My friend the driver has agreed to testify but the public tells me to take the ARD. Please advice . How about the traffic cameras?
You have a public defender, who is your attorney and must be the sole source of information regarding your case. No...
First tier, first offense DUI. Need it off ASAP for a job, supposed to be 90 days but I know that is near Impossible. Just want to know if I should do it myself or get a lawyer
Some counties will expunge automatically upon completion of ARD, so the first thing you should do is make sure that the...
I received a first tier, first offense dui, completed ARD
An expungement petition can be filed and processed within 90 days, however, it will not be completed in that short of...
i have a LSW currently and a successful career. i also have a child on the way. would any of this be helpful in lessing my charge to basically save my life. i had the highest tier of dui. i ws cooperative and the police officer said he was willing to help me and the prelim hearing. what is a good plea bargin option for me
Unfortunately, DUI is one of the few charges that affects the entire socio-economic spectrum. In some cases, those...
i have a professioanl license and this dui would severley hurt my career and life. if i were to agree to a alcohol rehab or outpatient counseling would it help me get my charges lowered to a wreckless or careless driving
It depends on the laws of the jurisdiction where the DUI occurred. The law of some jurisdictions do not permit...
i need my driving priveldges for my employment and i am not sure how this conviction will hurt my LSW.
I recommend, as I have recommended in response to your previous questions, that you contact an experienced local DUI...
After got my court papers in the mail, which included my affidavit, I reviewed it and it has false facts, what can I expect to happen at my court hearing?
You have not provided enough information upon which any type of response may be given. There are many facts which go...