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Can you get your license / driving privileges back without interlock device after 2 offense DUI , if its been 4 years ?
i lost my license to a second DUI offense in 2008 , I have not had a steady job and have not been able to afford a car / the interlock device / insurance . Is it possible to get my driving privileges back without getting an interlock device installed ?
I would need a bit more information to answer this fully.... But it appears you have a problem. The following quote...
I was arrested for DUI but I blew o.oo. They found a container that had suboxone residue in it but it came back as oxycotin.
My ring was stolen or lost by the tow driver. The detective for my case questioned me 7 times...always commenting I was definitely under the influence that night...he was not even there. How can I find out how he tampered with my medicine? They wanted to charge me criminally but because I am a top real estate agent, I am stuck pleading down to loss of licence for 30 days. Btw. I supplied police with my script for suboxone this year and my last year script for oxycodone
If you have a lawyer, speak with him or her. If not, get one. It may be possible to attack the chain of custody or lab...
How do you get a car when your license was suspended on DUI, you need an IID, but you don't have a car?
I have been taking care of my good friend who hurt herself earlier this year in a terrible accident. She was under intensive care for a few weeks and could not work, and her car was totaled from the accident. A few days prior to the accident, she was pulled over and charged with DUI, but obviously did not go to court. She went to court AFTER she totaled her car. The court ordered her 1st offense DUI penalties to be license suspension of 6 months and afterwards and IID installation for 6 months. DMV and the court told her she needs to have an IID installed in her car to get her license back, but she does not have a car obviously. How can she go out, test drive, and buy a car if she doesn't have a license? She will install the IID as soon as she can get a car, but DMV won't help much.
This is a a common problem. She can have the interlock device installed on any car she regularly drives including a...
Can we sue bar/establishment for safety and over serving aggressive drunk guy, also sue the assaulter? 2 simple assaults he was
My fiance and I was assaulted from a overly drunk person at a bar/restaurant. The establishment knew he was drunk and over served him. We was their about 30 minutes when we started getting harassed. Bartender seen the guy push me and he got involved. I told bartender I was leaving as this guy is drunk. He said he will take care of guy. Me and my fiance leave and get in car. Next thing we know is drunk guy is opening passenger door of car and dragging my fiance out by wrist. I get out of driver seat and try and get my fiance. The drunk patron (he is pretty big guy) punched me and tackled me to the ground. I told my fiance to call 911, which she did. Police got their rather quickly, but drunk guy ran off. Police looked for him, but could not find him. From the assault, my fiance reviewed a sprain wrist (right one from being dragged out from passenger side) but main injuries was to me. I received a dislocated shoulder, torn tendon and a fractured rotator cuff. Police called for ambulance and told me to come down to police station when I can. 2 days later (pain was that bad) we went down too local police stationed, informed them of what happened and described the guy to them.
Speak with a local personal injury attorney about this. Hopefully, the cops will find out who the guy was and he will...
Was stopped for registration and was forced to urine for a DUI and the paper said I didn't have to and I put not app on line
Was stopped for registration and was forced to urine for a DUI and the paper said I didn't have to and I put not applicable in signature line of permission paper will that help in court if I do have prescription narcotics in me
The only thing that will help you is a good DWI Lawyer. No the fact that you wrote NA will not help.
Would it be advisable for me to file a hardship motion with the court requesting that interlock installation be waived?
I was convicted of dui in June 2014 - this was my first offense, first time ever in trouble with law enforcement - however, because my bac reading was over .15, in addition to license suspension for 7 months, I was to install an interlock device during suspension, and for 7 months following reinstatement -technically, a total of 14 months, which would have concluded in Aug 2015. Because no longer able to drive, I had to seek alternative employment, as my job was not on any public trans. schedule. Due to considerably less pay. and addition of DUI fines, I had no choice but to file bankruptcy in Nov. 2015. Not long after filing bankruptcy, I received a notice from DMV stating I was not responsible for DMV surcharge fines 'at this time' and could have license reinstated. After paying $200, was told I had to provide certificate to prove I had interlock installed. Explained I gave up my car when I lost license, and was told I could provide anybody's interlock certificate - in so many words, after many questions to reconfirm what I was being told.
The judge does not have discretion to waive your interlock. It id mandatory with a BAC of .15.
Is it possible to get your driving record expunged? NO DUI mostly seatbelt tickets or careless driving
my husband is in the process of getting a new job and they only reason they will not hire him is because he has points on his pretty sure there are not moving violations..
No expungments of MVC records in The State of New Jersey.