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2nd DWI
My father has just been pulled for a DWI in Oneida county, NY. He had a dwi reduced last year to reckless driving. This current dai was a BAC of 1.1. What can we expect to happen. He has a lawyer, which is telling him he can get it to where he doesn't need vehicle lock but not much else can be done. Is this accurate?
If I understand it right, he blew a .11 and the offer is to an impaired (DWAI). He can either take that offer or go to...
If u run from a felony dwi how long do u have to stay away in the state of new york
3rd dwi in ten years thinking about leaving the state
A warrant issued never goes away, even if you run. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. President, Criminal Courts Bar...
How can I beat this DUI charge
I left my Debit Card at a gas station pump in Harrison, New York and returned almost two hours after closing to search for it. I found it but as I was returning to my car a police officer arrived and asked me why I was in a closed gas station, when I replied that i was looking for a lost debit card, he asked me if I lived in the area and where I was from, and shined his flashlight at me. He asked me to turn the car off and called for back up, they asked me to search my car and found a small amount of marijuanna. They arrested me and charged me with DUI, however I was not charged with possession of marijuana nor I did not take a blood test. I was also outside of the car when they arrived. What can I do?
There may be a suppression issue regarding asking to search the car. Hire a good criminal defense lawyer.
Will I be denied for an TLC license if I had a DUI in nj.
7 month ago I got a DUI in the state of nj, I have a ny state license wich as of now doesn't reflect on my records of having any ofence. My concern is, will TLC will not consider my application for this out of state ofence.
1st, Your NJ lawyer could better answer the question of whether NJ will share that info with NY or whether it's shared...
Can they reopen my DUI court case in PA?
My DUI court case was dismissed in PA. My urine test came back positive with a low level of THC for catholic charities in NY after my case was dismissed.
Ask a PA attorney. Why are you having urine tests done if the case was dismissed?
Wit 4 dwi in ten years can i stay out jail and get bak at all ??
Last night I got a 4 dwi in 10 years last dwi was 6 years ago December 20 2011 sentence date I got caught driving revoked license trying to help someone else out I was supposed reapply December 20 2016 can someone tell me good news
Realistically, unless you take it to trial and win, the DA will almost certainly ask for jail time as part of any plea deal.
Aggravated DWI or DWI plea
Hi! I am an international student (F1 visa) and I was arrested and charged with aggravated DWI (BAC 0.21) and hit a utility pole in New York. I was offered either Aggravated DWI with 1 year conditional discharge or DWI with 3 years probation. May I know which one should I take because I am going to mary my girlfriend and I do not know if which charge would prevent me from adjusting my status.
Either way, the acquired state criminal record will be required to be disclosed during any subsequent application...