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Can you fight against not blowing through a breathalyzer while walking intoxicated, no other tests were given?
I was walking through my university while being intoxicated I was instantly asked to blow through a breathalyzer and i refused to blow when they cuffed me. They read no rights nor did they give me any other sobriety tests
An experienced DUI attorney needs to review discovery and discuss this with you. Most offer a free consult. Even if...
Can I still be charged for a DUI
I was in an accident avoided a car that came in my lane and I Hit a Pole. I had injuries. The State Trooper asked me to take a Breathelyzer and I did. Didn't get the reading, but wasn't sited, not ticketed, and he gave my license back. I still haven't got the Crash report. I was taken to the hospital and they Drew blood per the request of the State Trooper. Can I still be charged. I had 2 10 years ago but no on record. I also had been taking cough medicine as I didn't drink but 1 can he still charge me if he didn't arrest me and ticket me. I still have my license
There are a couple of questions you need to answer. How long ago was the accident? Did the officer say anything to...
How many days does an officer have to file a crash report if they took you to er and drew blood
got ran off road into a pole, breathalyzer not sure what read as I had a gash on my head and bleading. took to er blood test no evidence it was taken as I believe the trooper took it, so how long before the report and can I still be charged. He told my husband that he would send him the un-official report in a couple of days it has been 6, am I being charged or not
You have asked this question numerous times and obviously are concerned and have many questions. Meet with a local...
How would I go about changing my status as a habitual traffic offender in IN?
Back in 2006 I got a dui. This happened again in 2014 and 2015. The attorney that represented me on the later 2 told me I would not be considered a habitual traffic offender, when he handled the latest 2 cases. However, the BMV now has me listed as a habitual traffic offender, and I can't get my license back until 2026. I was informed by my attorney that the 2006 charge would not be held against me. All of these are misdemeanors. My attorney said that in order for me to be considered a habitual that I would have to had committed 3 offenses within 5 years. Obviously, 2006 is more than 5 years ago. When I spoke with him about this on the phone today he wanted to charge me a consultation fee for what should have been handled when I paid for his representation in these cases. Any help on how I can remedy this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Go to the Courthouse and see if the recorded qualification of rights was wrong. If so, perhaps you can file a post-...
What do I do about my OWI charges in Indiana if I live in Florida?
I was arrested in August of 2014 for 4 charges driving while intoxicated, endangering a person, driving without a license and illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage. I did not receive the Summons to appear in court and the criminal case detail shows "left on door" so they issued a bench warrant. I live in Florida now so what do I do and what are my options? Thanks!
Before you are arrested on the warrant (and to stop having to look over your shoulder every single day until this is...
I haven't recieved a court date for an owi I got arrested for 6 months ago. What do I do?
Last year I got arrested for an owi. The cop made me take a field sobriety test. The cop then took me in for a blood test and kept me in jail untill morning. I didn't make bail but the cop released me and kept my license. I had to sign a paper saying I would appear in court. It's been six months since then and I haven't heard anything from the county clerk or anything. This is my first offense and it was a class c misdemeanor.
The State has 2 years to file charges. I am not sure the reason for the delay, but I do not think I would yet inquire....
I got a dwi in Illinois in 2001
it was my first one I spent the night in jail and bonded out the next day I had a Arkansas driver license at the time sence I was from Arkansas a few months later the judge put me in cook county jail because my lawer did not show for court so I spent 7 days in jail an bonded out again I have done every thing they wanted an still cannot get my license renstated I did with Arkansas but not with Illinois they will not do it I filled out one of those out of state packets but it was diened
Contact an Ill traffic court attorney for advice and guidance.