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Can I sue my employer for demoting me as a result of a DUI?
I have a pending DUI and my position requires me to drive 90% of the time. I am a first time offender and even if convicted, I will retain my driving privileges with the use of an ignition interlock device (according to my attorney). Historically my employer has demoted others in this situation into roles that pay less and are stationary, resulting in a large pay decrease. I would like to know if this is legal, considering I would still be able to perform the responsibilities my position requires, no matter what the outcome. I have even been denied the opportunity for lateral moves that are stationary and do not require driving as a primary responsibility. While they do pay for my mileage, I pay for my gas, insurance and vehicle payment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Being arrested for a DUI makes you a liability for your employer. The fact your employer has demoted others, makes...
Can I have a pending DUI charge and a violation of a past DUI from three years prior run consecutive jail
I was convicted of a DUI in 2013 , I'm on community supervision for that for five years in January I got another DUI . They are asking 60 days as a violation and 45 for the new DUI. This is my third DUI since 2008. The first was in 2008. The second in 2013 and the current in January 2016 . Can I have the jail terms ran consecutive for the violation and new DUI? The 2013 DUI is in Everett and the new DUI is out of king county in Kent RJC
Yours is a complicated situation. The short answer to your question is probably, yes. The judge will have wide...
What is the statue of limitations on refiling DUI charges.
In 2005 received a DUI ticket in Washington. I pled innocent and it went to trial in 2006. In the middle of the trial the state had to dismiss the charges due to lack of evidence. However, they did so "Without prejudice" which means that they can refile. When does the states statue of limitations expire in a case like that? On this late date 2016, can they still file against me? I'd ask my attorney except he didn't even show up in court that day, so piss on him!!
The statute of limitations on gross misdemeanors is 2 years from the alleged date of the violation, i.e. the date that...
Can I have a pending DUI and a prior DUI from three years earlier that I'm on community supervision run concurrent jail sentence
I have two prior DUI one from 2008 one from 2013 that I'm on community supervision for currently and a pending DUI this year in 2016 . They are asking for sixty days on the violation and 45 days on the current . Can I get these charges to run concurrently? And what are my alternative to jail if any. Violations for community supervision state confinement but do not say jail.
The sentences can be run concurrently. This up up to the last sentencing judge. Will this happen? Unlikely on a...
I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI and given no ticket or documentation of the arrest. Am I being charged?
I was pulled over for hitting a few of the bumps on the freeway and then was arrested for a DUI. I was then taken to a sub station and was given a breathalyzer. The state patrol officer was then going to take me to the king county jail and instead released me in a shopping center parking lot and informed me to take a taxi home. I was given no ticket, no paperwork of court date. The only paperwork I have is my impound documentation and my breathalyzer recipet. I am unsure of if I am being charged as I was given no ticket. I have seen no police report of the stop.
If you were not given a citation by the officer, it will be mailed to you. You can also call the department that...
Can I get a license in another state while on unsupervised probation for a dui?
Got 2 duis and currently on a defferd prosecution. I'm on a 5 year probation and a 2 year supervised probation. I was wondering after my 2 year supervised probation is done. Can I obtain another license in a different state. I currently live in Washington and was planning to move to either California or Nevada.
As long as your privilege to drive is not suspended in Washington and you continue to comply with any licensing...
Will a dui hold up in court from what a witness says?
driving friends truck drunk, i hit a parked car (no injuries) i talk the owner of the car i hit we didnt exchange information but i did eventually get a hold of him and insurance was exchanged. bartender says there calling the cops so i told the owner of the car i would get back to him. cops were coming so i ran (didnt get caught) and i get a phone call 3-4 days later from police wanting to speak with me. i denied drinking even though they said they had multiple witnesses saying i was drunk.
Yes. Witness testimony is enough to convict you of DUI. (1) Stop posting admissions to a crime on a public Internet...