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  • Woman arrested on theft and burglary charges in Easton

    Tuesday Nov 29 | via WMDT 

    According to Easton Police, detectives arrested 31-year-old Amber Wilkens of Easton, and charged her with first, second and fourth degree burglary, theft between $1,000-$10,000 and a controlled dangerous substance, possession of paraphernalia. Wilkens was reportedly taken before a Talbot County District Court Commissioner where she was held on no bond.


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Driving on suspended license, no idea after DUI charges dropped??
I was pulled over for suspision of driving under the influence in Maryland. All charges were dropped but I had no idea my license was suspended until I was pulled over again. I need to drive because I live in the country and there is no public transportation. What happens? What should I do? I didn't know I was supposed to schedule a MVA hearing and now its too late???
Unless you can prove that MVA did not provide notice, then you will probably have to wait out the suspension. When you...
The police officer did not notify the MVA within 72 hours. Can I get "no action" at the MVA hearing?
I refused a breathalyzer test on June 11. The police officer did not send a copy of the suspension order to the MVA until June 24.
No, based strictly upon his slow compliance with the requirement to sent the order to MVA, unless you were prejudiced...
Will I be convicted of DUI as a violation of probation.
My girlfriend got a DUI about a year ago in Maryland. She was not convicted, but put on supervised PB. She has a good job, she's taken all the required classes, paid the cost of probation every month. Has never met her PB officer. The problem is she signed her apartment lease in PA the day before she got the DUI. However she never informed them of her move. Now she lives with me in PA. She contacted a new lawyer who said the PB officer would most likely violate her and she would be convicted of the DUI which means she would most likely loose her job and also have to move back to MD.
A standard condition of probation is to not leave the state without permission of the probation officer. She could file...
What can I expect on a first offense driving on a suspended licence if I had my licence reinstated before my court date?
Years ago I received a DUI in Maryland with a Pennsylvania licence. Everything about said DUI has been closed and finished. However, one of the requirements was to take alcohol education classes which I did take, but the completion letter never got forwarded to the MVA. In turn I've been suspended in Maryland for years unaware. I recently got pulled over only to find out my driving privileges in Maryland were suspended and that it was a must appear in court. I did all of the leg work of getting the Alcohol councilor to resend the completion letter and got a printout confirmation from the MVA that my licence has been reinstated and has no Maryland points. What is likely going to happen in court? Also, I know it is always good to get legal council, however given the context, do I necessarily need representation for a forgiving outcome on a first offense that has been satisfied before court?
Perhaps the State might dismiss the charge, or perhaps the Court will offer probation before judgment.
How can I expunge my DUI case?
I got DUI on April 24, 2015 for the first time. I got convicted as guilty for driving under influence of alcohol. I was charged as probation before judgement. My one year of probation finished on September 3, 2016. I attended classes and went to community service as well. Now what should I do to expunge my DUI case?
Unfortunately, a probation before judgment for a DUI cannot be expunged in Maryland.
How can I get my DUI exspunged? And how long this may take?
I had a misdemeanor DUI in August of 2015. State of Maryland dropped the case. It says nolle Prosequi for my disposition. I did not get convicted and I wasn't found guilty. Can I get my DUI exspunged?
If all charges were a nolle prossequi, then you can get your record expunged immediately. There is a $30.00 filing...
Can I go to jail for driving while being on suboxine my Dr said see how the meds effect u before driving
I was pulled over yesterday the cop said I was fluctuating my speed so he pulled me over then he said something g about my pupils so I told him I was prescribed suboxine he made me do sobriety test which I failed but I have diabetes and a bad leg then they made me blow in a machine to test for alcohol I passed he then ask me to go. To. The state police barracks to blow again so I did and passed but I have never been able to walk a straight line sober or not my doctor told me to see how the soboxine effects me before I drive never told me I couldn't I have been on suboxine for 4 years and never have had a problem like this plus I hadn't eaten anything nkr took my insulin could this have effected my ability to walk straight how can they do this to me when I'm prescribed suboxine
You can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs even if it is prescription medication. If you have been...