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How many hours should I sign up for?
Convicted of dwi in n y. License revoked 6 month Judge ruled that I can take an online course instead of attending an actual drunk driving program. Judge does not state how many hours to take and the courses run 8-16-24-36 hours
If you want a conditional license during the revocation period, you are required to sign up to the Impaired Driver...
Does DMV suspension override Criminal suspension if criminal case is plead out before DMV.
I was arrested for an alleged DWI in NY. I refused the brethalyzer and now face a DMV hearing plus court hearing. I know the arresting officer will not show up at the first DMV hearing, so it will be postponed. If I choose to plead guilty to DWI in criminal court where I would hopefully receive a conditional license, will I still eventually have to go to the DMV hearing or is that dismissed? If I receive a conditional license from criminal court can the absolute suspension from the DMV overrule the criminal court conditional license? My main concern here is being able to drive to work as I live 80 miles away with transit options being a 6 hour round trip.
No, the refusal hearing is NOT dismissed. If you take a plea and are sentenced before the refusal hearing date, a...
If i change plea to guilty before trial there will be no probation....should i change plea?
coming up on almost a year of dwi arrest in nyc.i have also been without a license from my refusal to blow since last May Finally trial is scheduled for this week. My attorney always said we have nothing to lose by going to trial. So i waited for the COR and the people to be ready..At the hearing a 911 tape was provided that my lawyer new nothing about. but apparently could have gotten way before the hearing. My lawyer just informed me we have a tough Judge and worse case scenario if proven guilty is I could wind up with 3 years probation. i have a clean record and no prior convictions, The video shows the officer stating i have watery eyes and odor of alcohol. When asked if i understood charges i didnt respond
You need to discuss your plea with your lawyer. However, it is likely you will wind up on probation even if you plead.
Husband is being sentenced on Monday for a DUI do judges most of the time grant time served.
My husband is currently in jail for probation violation and DUI running concurrentlY. I am confused because on Monday he is being sentenced for his DUI and they are trying to get him time served. Will he have to stay longer in jail. All this time his lawyers told me the sentences are running concurrently.
Whether the sentence runs concurrent or consecutive is up to the Judge. Did the Judge make a promise at the time of...
Can a confession that is given while drunk/intoxicated be used in court?
Can a confession that is given while drunk/intoxicated be used in court?
The short answer is yes. A defense attorney can also ask the person testifying about the condition of the confessor.
What state DMVs will a NY DWAI - drug conviction be reported to?
A few months ago I pled guilty to a DWAI drugs in NY. I was a CT resident and licensed in CT @ the time. I just moved to FL. Ironically the same day I arrived here, a letter from the CT DMV was sent to my CT address advising me that my CT driving privileges will be suspended in a couple of wks. If I were to obtain a FL license and no longer hold a CT license, will my FL license eventually be suspended? ALSO, should I have to have an interlock device installed in my car for the CT DMV if it was a drug conviction and no alcohol was involved?
You may want to re-post this question in the Florida DUI forum. I am not a Florida Attorney but I believe Florida is...
I was approved for DACA IN September 2014. Weeks later I charged with. Dwi.
I was charged with dwi, no license and criminal mischief in 4th degree this was due to police argue I damaged to me kicking the door from the inside, no damaged was done but the police just wanted to go harsh on me. My plea deal was conviction on Dwai and driving with the music too loud. Both are consider to be traffic infractions, not misdeaminors, can I renew my daca, or will it be denied. Guidelines for daca don't say anything about DWAI, that I know regular dwi is consider misdeaminor.
Since you plead only to infractions it should have no consequence to your immigration status. However, when you apply...