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My ex has work driving privileges from a dui. he was in an accident on his way to pick up our child. should I contact my atty?
I did not know he didn't have a DL until he was in the accident or I would have never allowed him to drive our son. We just went thru a nasty custody battle for child support ( that he still hasn't paid a year later) should I let my attorney know what happened? Should I not let him see him until he can drive again?
These are all answers you have to sift through for yourself. Just remember that you have a son in common with him and...
I need to know how to go about getting my DL back..
Back in 2007 i got into an accident while home on mid tour leave from Afghanistan, I went to court for a DUI and it was dropped in court. However during the time i went back to Afghanistan the DMV from WV sent me a letter to an address that was not mine. Back in 2011 i got pulled over and was charged with driving under suspension due to the DUI that was dropped in court. I have been to an approved driving course to try to clear it all up. They sent my course info to Charleston WV.. Is the any lawyer out there that could help me get my license back. Please let me know.. thanks
Use the find a lawyer tab here to locate a number of them in Charleston. Then call and set up a few appointments.
I was charged with ovi. It was cause of suspected drug use. I couldn't urinate why couldn't they take blood?
I wrecked company work vehicle and they found spoon and pills. I denied ownership of them was taken to police station and couldn't urinate so they said I refused test and took liscense for a year. I had no drugs not prescribed in my system and wanted to pee but couldn't. Why wouldn't they just take blood for testing.
This is always a tough set of circumstances. There are plenty of people who have trouble urinating on demand....
The state of pa . suspended my Oh license for a 1992 dui using a 1996 law , is this legal
I did everything asked of me . I went to jail paid all fines , did not drive in pa for a year . they took my Oh license last year because they did not have a paper signed in 1992 , using the drivers compact they enacted in 1996 . how can this be legal
You should contact the attorney that assisted you in your original case or contact a attorney that deals with license...
Is there a way for someone to get their drivers license back sooner than two years who was convicted of a DUI in West Virginia?
I'm trying to help a friend. She was charged with a DUI in West Virginia but has an Ohio license and this is her first DUI. West Virginia said they suspended her license for two years since she was charged with injury but the injury charges were dropped later. Is there any way for her to get her license back before the two years??
It may be possible. Ohio will suspend a person for an out of state DUI for 6 months or the period imposed by the other...
I got dui in west virginia in 2010went to court over it payed my fine with my attorney knew nothing of anything else nothing
i live in ohio nothing was sent to my house for reinstatement nothing mentioned in front of the magistrate of west virginia called west virginia to resolve the issue was put on hold then to a answering service to leave amessage no call back
Not sure what question you are asking here.
Can Ohio take my South Carolina Driver's license when arrested for an OVI?
Pulled over for OVI in Ohio who retained my South Carolina license. They stated need to see what South Carolina does. Need an ID to board plane for return trip home.
Yes, interstate agreements can put the ouch on your driving privileges. I see it all the time between Arkansas,...