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Can I avoid jail time for my DUI? If so I’ll hire you.
On Dec 23, 2016, I was pulled over in my brothers car for brake lights being out and got a DUI. I had already received a DUI in 2013 and have been driving with a breathalyzer. My car was in the shop, in hopes of getting the breathalyzer removed, that night so I was borrowing my brothers car. It was the first time I drove without a breathalyzer since 2013. My Public defender says I’m facing a minimum of 1 year of jail time. I cannot go to jail. If any lawyer can get me out of serving jail time, I will hire them.
No lawyer can guarantee you any specific result. You need an attorney who can advocate for: a reduction in the charge...
Can I sue the psychiatric nurse practitioner that prescribed Clonazepam for my anxiety?
I was prescribed Clonazepam for a severe situational anxiety stressor. The psychiatric nurse practitioner that prescribed Clonazepam for me only told me that it was highly addictive, but that she felt comfortable prescribing it because I had no history of addiction and besides it was only going to be for a short period of time. I was told to take two 1mg tablets immediately and two more at bedtime and then one tablet 3 times per day after that. I took the first dose and after about an hour, maybe more, maybe less, I went to bed. I never took the bedtime dose. I was tired. I had had a very stressful day and I just wanted to go to bed. The next morning I got up to go to work. I was still very emotional from the previous day. I took my single tablet and went to work. I worked about 40 minutes from my house. About five miles from my job, I was pulled over by the police. They said I was driving erratic and I had almost collided several times with oncoming traffic. I was arrested. While I was in the holding cell at the police station I was desperately trying to find a way to hang myself. I had an overwhelming need to hang myself. I have never been suicidal. My life will never be the same
I am sorry to hear of your situation. Please immediately seek counseling regarding your thoughts of suicide. Everything...
Will an online dui class satisfy the court and the dmv in Massachusetts?
First time offender
Only the court in Massachusetts and dmv there can tell you if they accept on line classes. Contact them tomorrow and...
A friend of mine has a pending DUI in amsterdam, Holland and its still pending. After how long does the court throw it out there
spent the night in a holding cell case still pending
Sounds like this question does not pertain to US immigration law but instead deals with criminal law in a foreign...
I need I apply for a temp residence visa to visit canada due to a pending DUI conviction. Can N E 1 help for a reasonable price
Pending DUI in holland Need a temp visa to enter canada ASAP! Need answers right away, willing to pay
Dear North Adams, You need to consult in private with an AVVO Immigration Attorney about some legal papers you have...
So my friend tells me he is going to court for not paying his fine for probation tomorrow. what is the law in mass for this?
basically what im trying to get at will the judge sentence him for jail time if he doesnt have the 900 tomorrow morning or will they set him up with a payplan?
Courts will work out payment plans. If your friend does not follow thru, jail is a possibility.
Charged wrongfully and what can I do about it?
MA- if I was originally charged with a 1st offense oui then it was dismissed and i was charged with an amended charge of 2nd offense OUI . ive never had a OUI ever. Can the 1st offense OUI be reinstated if the 2nd OUI is dropped?
Apparently, someone with your name, social security number or birthdate (or combo) has been charged with an OUI before....