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If I'm currently going to court for a dui And then I suddenly get a speeding ticket on my way to work .,,??
The dui is my first offense . My public defender told me to plead Not guilty.,and ask to move up my next court data.,a few weeks later. I was rushing to work because I was running late ., I got pulled over going 73 on a 60 mph speed limit
It is unclear what your questions is, but given that you have an attorney, the public defender, your best option is to...
Can I request court to not have a ticket in collection prevent me from getting my license back?
I'm trying to get my license back dwls/3rd degree. I have 6 in collection 5 different courts that are 10 years old, and 4 that are 6 years old (between 2 different courts). I'm trying to figure out a way to get my license back I have been pulled over a few months ago went to court judge talked to me like some of them may have dropped at least to prevent license from being able to obtain. I contacted D.O.L. they gave me the above tickets as being what's holding it. (3 speeding; 1 impeding traffic; 1 no valid license; 2 no insurance; and 3 dwls/3rdegree). Somewhere I heard something about requesting court to make a ticket not prevent me from obtaining license? Or archiving? All the tickets are in collections at a couple different collection agencies so the down that they require per ticket and the mandatory monthly amount . . . there just is no way I can do all at once. I'm in the state of Washington. Tickets are between, Pierce County, King County and one in Thurston County.
What you would need to do is put a motion in front of a judge in each county to pull your tickets out of collections....
Drug oui chances
I got stopped for expired tag, i didnt drive faulty and obeyed all traffic laws, officer noticed that i had slurred speech and saw bruises all over my body and mud. also noticed that i couldn't follow directions he asked me to do hgn test 6/6 cues then did walk and turn 8/8 cues and 4/4 cues on one leg stand there was a small rain shower while the tests was performed i am prescribed glasses but wasn't wearing them that day i stumbled several times while being placed under arrest and made strange comments at times when i got to the station an ems drew my blood which tested positive for phenazepam and mitragynine the exact concentration of the drugs was not provided. can the government provide this state beyond a reasonable doubt in your opinion?
This precise question was just posted in the Pennsylvania (as well as Vermont & west Virginia) forum, word for word....
What recourse do I have if Sheriff deputy falsified DUI SFST results
While towing another vehicle in WA state. Deputy pulled us over and we voluntarily took SFSTs. The results of the HGN Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus were identical for both of us, identifying five clues (instances of nystagmus) We were both arrested and blood tests showed no alcohol use. A small amount of alleged methamphetamine was reported in my sample, although initial screen was negative for any drug. HGN is only present in alcohol impaired and some barbituate drugs. It is scientifically impossible that the deputy saw nystagmus as he claimed. Therefore he falsified police report.
These issues are more complex (and political) than they seem. Some officers have audio and video recording...
Can we have an IID removed before the mandated 5 year period?
My wife had to install an IID 4 years ago due to her second arrest. The term was set for 5 years which is up in March 2016. She has had no infractions since the device was installed. Is there any chance of petitioning the court or DOL for early removal?
The term of 5 years is typically set by the Department of Licensing. There is no mechanism for this to be removed early....
I have asthma, got a dui after using my inhalers qvar and albuterol. How do I fight this at trial?
The officer also gave me my qvar repeatedly while I was handcuffed.
You need a lawyer to fight this for you. These are serious charges that require serious defenses. This is not a self...
I was pulled over for crossing the line on the road. which resulted in a DuI. he said i crossed twice is that enough to stop me?
i didn't to great on the tests and blew a .194 as there any way for to make the court throw it out? i don't even think i crossed the line. other than that i was driving normally and safely
On these facts if you attempt to defend yourself without a lawyer you will be convicted.