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What kind of charges am I looking at?
I got a dui in ia in 1998, another in wi in 2006 and again in 2012. My license was revocation and I never got it back, now I just got pulled over again in il for dui.
Probably a Class II, Three to seven years, plus this one makes you a lifer, disqualified from Illinois licensure.
Arrest warrant; missing court date on a DWI, hit/run; driving under suspender license in FL in 2010. How long in jail?
Case in IL: 2001 DWI dismissed. Expungable? Case in FL 2010: DWI, driving under suspention, hit/run, missing court date. What to do on last case. How long in jail? No victims or charges
The IL DUI case cannot be expunged. You need a FL attorney for the FL DUI.
If my ex husband is on his third dui and he is driving, do I have the right to know if he has a license
My ex husband got his third dui in may of 2011. He appears to have lost his license for awhile. Now he is driving do I have the right to ask if he has a drivers license, he is picking up my minor children and they do not know if he has one or not.
If you are 110% sure he got a 3rd DUI, then yes.
Does the person with a felony tell the potential employer they have dui felony?
My question is is it wise to tell a potential employer of your felony for a dui?
If a potential employer asks if you have been convicted of a felony, you must answer "yes" if you have been convicted...
Will Rehab be beneficial to me before going to court on a felenie DUI?
I currently have 9 charges pending. inccluding two driving while revoked(one a felony) DUI(felony) resisisting arrest, poss. of cannibis(small amount) and a couple of traffic violations. I missed a court appearence and now have a warrant that will require me to post 30,000 bond. Would I look any better in a judges eyes if I Check into rehab and turn myself in upon completion of rehab.
Alcohol Rehabilitation will be looked upon favorably by most judges. Whether they reduce a sentence for it varies....
Do I have to wear an ankle bracelet if my charge was reduced to reckless
I was pulled over for speeding I had a few beers but I wasn't drunk ive done the field test but he says I failed blew a .084 at the police station. I had a first DUI 11 years ago I don't feel like my case was handled correctly
That is determined by the judge. And the quality of your lawyer.
Illinois I had a DUI 11years ago .21 and just recently been pulled over again but I wasn't drunk .084
I was speeding but arrested for DUI I wasn't drunk and I agreed to do there test I supposedly failed I blew a .084 at the pd
Not sure what your question is but nobody on this list will be able to tell you what is going to happen until they have...