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Do you turn yourself in for driving drunk?
This might sound crazy, but I am SO anxious about this. My husband had a few too many Friday afternoon and drove during rush hour. (mostly highways, a main road, and one side street). When he got home I was SO angry at him, he went to bed and we didn't speak. The next morning he was SO ashamed of himself and sick to his stomach about it. I looked at his car. There are 2 scratches by the passenger wheel fenders; nowhere else. It almost looks like he hit something stationary, or our garage, or something. Someone could have hit him in a parking lot that day, but I am not sure. I am worried he hit a car or a person or something. I called the police the next day and no one had reported anything, but it was the weekend, so maybe they didn't report yet.
Nothing to gain by turning himself in. First of all, there is no information as to whether he hit something that night...
Seeking advice for RMV Appeal
Was denied a hardship request on an OUI on grounds that there is evidence of operating after suspension. Was cited prior to being convicted of OUI for operating after suspension and was told by the RMV I must appeal their decision. I have both my registration suspended due to the operation after suspension and license suspended due to CTR on OUI. RMV tells me I must appeal both at same time at the Board of Appeals. How do I approach this?
Hi. Follow this link: http://www.mass.gov/ocabr/docs/doi/boa/rmvappealform.pdf An attorney is always a good idea for...
I drank about 4 beers and 1 shot on a friday night and i got a urine test for alcohol on a Tuesday morning am i gonna fail
I drank 4 beers and one shot on a friday night i got a urine test on a Tuesday morning around 10 am is it possible i will fail.
Probably not alcholhol runs through your system in about 24 hours. But if you are concerned about this perhaps you...
Parked in a parking lot due to having spilled soup all over my vehicle. Had not been drinking yet a breathalizer showed a .08.
arrest was made since vehicle was running due to the temperatures being in the teens.
What is your question? Did you submit to a blood test? Do you have alibi witnesses to your whereabouts and lack of...
Is a .07/.08 breathalizer of 0.7-0.8 grounds for an arrest when vehicle was parked?
I soilled soup in my vehicle so i parked in a parking lot and the police showed up to do a check, proceeded to assume i had been under the influence and adminstered a breathalizer which came up .07/.08...they were unclear as to whch one it was.
You need a lawyer. This is a case that should be won. Good luck Nick 978-853-0982
How to get my license in Springfield MA after a DUI in Florida?
I was charged with a DUI in Florida and finish what the court ordered. But I wasn't able to get my license from Florida and I moved to MA.
You'll have to clear up any pending restrictions in FL before MA will give you a license.
MA license, out of state DUI and refusal - what am I facing at MA RMV hearing?
Arrested for DUI in PA. Accepted into PA's ARD program for 1st offenders, complied with all requirements (case is now expunged). I am now close to finishing the 1 year suspension in PA for chemical test refusal. I notified MA RMV about a year ago of my PA refusal suspension - my MA license was revoked indefinitely until resolution of the PA suspension. I am wondering what may happen when I see a hearings officer at a MA RMV after I am cleared with PA. I am worried that MA may impose an additional suspension even after being revoked for close to a year (due to counting out of state offenses as having occurred in MA). Is this a valid concern or should I have nothing to worry about?
Usually court and Rmv are separate and RMV can impose a separate suspension. Hire an attorney to help you out with this...