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Can a second dui be dropped to a lesser charge?
Received second dui in 4 years. Single mother, full custody of my child, business manager and travel frequently. I have no other convictions on my record and am a upstanding citizen. How can this be dropped to a reduced charge? My vehicle is currently impounded and I can't get to work or my son to school. Very nervous about my future.
You should start calling defense attorneys and schedule a consultation immediately. Many times cases can be reduced,...
Charged with ovi . No video. Said failed field tests unsuccessfully recieipt when blew gave Al's
Amend physical control charge 2yrs ago. Jealous boyfriend was pulled over for running red light told them I was intoxicated. He wasn't charged with anything.
I'm sorry I'm not sure what your question is. It Appears you were asking what is the likelihood that this charge will...
Can u beat ovi when no video but failed field tests when I blew read unsuccessful
Previous charge am end physical control.
It is possible but really depends on a lot of factors. DUI/OVI cases are extremely difficult to win and you will need...
If it's took over a month to get the blood results back from being under suspicion of ovi what most likely the results will be
accurate and how strong is a blood test in court they used alcohol to clean the skin when they drew blood how can i prove that if charged?
First, you can testify to the use of alcohol at the site where they drew the blood and second, the blood test is...
Am i in the clear???
I was stopped dec 30th last year and had to submit a blood test because i was under suspicion of an ovi. I recieved a call from the arresting officer and he informed me my blood alcohol was 0.66 which is not over the limit. He then stated they found benzo in my system which i informed him they would and was tranaxene which isused for anxiety or alcohol withdrawl. I then wentto the pharmacy got a print out ofall my prescriptions in the year 2010, anyways that's been a month ago and i haven't been indicted on a felony ovi my resultshave been back nearly two months!
It can take a while for charges to be filed, and the state has a couple of years before the statute of limitations runs....
It's been two months since i was stopped and under suspicion for ovi how do i found out the results of the blood test and so far
no news is good news!!!
You really should hire a blood DWI lawyer now. Waiting until you have been charged to hire an attorney means that your...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't blow....now I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...