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I'm 18 and this is my first OWI offense. I Passed the sobriety tests but blew a .11. They didn't find any drugs or opened alcohol in my car. I was very cooperative. The police officer was a male and he was the one who patted me down and I kind of felt uncomfortable.
If you are convicted and placed on probation, random drug and alcohol testing will probably be a condition of your...
No drugs were found in my possession and it was also 7 and a half hours after drinking that I got pulled over and got busted for the OWI. I blew a .11
Drug testing can happen at any time during the pendency of the case, so do not take drugs that are not prescribed by a...
I am an International student in Michigan State. I am charged because Operating While Intoxicated. And the test level is low. And there was no any accident. I stay in America less than 100 days. And my history is totally clean before! My lawyer said maybe they will dismiss the case. My VISA is very important for me. So what can I do to persuade the court to dismiss the case?
Precisely follow your attorney's advice to the letter. Do exactly what s/he says.
If the judges didn't put surrender passport as a condition in bail, is that likely they will put it as a condition in probation if the case with a large amount of restitution?
It is possible that if you are on probation, the court will require you to surrender your passport. A typical...
How Long will it take for a DUI case from pretrial to sentencing? I did the blood test and do involved in an accident.
There is no perfect answer to that question. In some situations it is just a couple weeks if a plea is taken at the...
Hi, I'm currently international student who hold a F1 VISA. I have recently convinced a misdemeanor DUI, and one condition for my probation is to pay my restitution. Since I'm unable to pay it off at once, I set up a payment plan, so is that possible for me to go back to my country and spend my vacation with my family?
Whether you can leave depends on the terms of your probation and whether you can come back requires an analysis by an...
I was driving my car with four other people, we are all under 21. I got pulled over and the cop saw our open container in the backseat. We all took a breathalyzer and all blew .0 I admitted the alcohol was mine and I was given an open intoxicant in a vehicle ticket. I've had a previous MIP charge from two years ago, so does that make this charge my second offense? What am I facing? Advice on how to handle this? Just happened last night.
The prior offense will not help at all. Get a local attorney on board ASAP.