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When my boyfriend goes to get sentenced on the 12th of September, will he go straight to jail/prison?
He has had 3 DUI's and has his license suspended, and he broke his probation by driving. His 3rd dui was in a car accident.
Yes he will be taken into custody that day.
Is my CT license automatically invalid/suspended if I received a DUI conviction in another state?
I was charged with a DUI while on vacation in the state of Colorado. As a result, my driving privileges in that state were suspended for 9 months. However, I live in CT. I checked the status of my CT license on the DMV website, and it says "valid." I have not received any notices from the CT DMV, so I am unsure if I can legally drive here at this time. Additionally, if and when CT learns of the charges per the Interstate Driver License Compact, will they likely uphold the 9 month suspension period or a 45-day suspension period (the CT equivalent for the same--first conviction--offense)?
Ct DMV should give you notice of intent to suspend. It will be for 45 days after which you will be required to install...
What exactly will Ct. do when they are notified about a NY dwai?
I was arrested in NY with a dui. My BAC was a .12 but my lawyer plead it down to a DWAI. From what I can tell, once Ct. is notified of the charge they will proceed with it as they would a Ct. DUI. I'm wondering if I will have my license suspended, have to AEP classes and have an iid device installed?
No it will not be prosecuted again in the Connecticut Courts . However, Connecticut DMV will notify you that your...
What will happen if your caught with .49 oz and unopened alcohol and driving with a suspended license ?
This is for a friend. Her son driving fell asleep at the wheel crash the car into a tree. The police found point 49 oz of weed on opened alcohol and he was driving with a suspended license and the reason why the licence was suspended is because he was pulled over and the police did a search on his car and found weed this is his second offense trial is on the 7th of this month what are his chances of not doing time?
Everything depends on his criminal history. If there was a DUI charge that also is factor.
Do you take oath ceremony after your test? in ct
want to know
I’m not sure what you mean by taking an oath ceremony? Please explain. Thank you
Officer permitted me to move my car during DUI arrest
Recently got arrested for a DUI in which a two car accident was involved. Two officers arrived on scene during the incident. One officer spent most of her time exchanging all of the insurance information etc. The second officer stood around and got into casual conversation with me. We talked for 15 minutes about work, family etc. Toward the end of the conversation I decided to move my car further off the road as there was quite a bit of traffic coming by. The officer permitted me to move my car and said nothing about me not being able to drive. She even noted that my car sounded like it was starting funny and asked if that had anything to do with the accident. Five minutes later the second officer clears the other car involved in the accident and approaches me about what caused me to rear-end the other car. At this point the second officer asks me to do a field sobriety test and the next thing I know I am in handcuffs and charged for a DUI. Anything unusual about this that could help me in court? Would be happy to provide more details if necessary.
I'm not a DUI lawyer, and others on this site may be more helpful. But with what limited knowledge I have, I think...
Pre Trial Alcohol Education Program?
I was recently arrested for a DUI after a minor car accident that I was at fault for. There were no injuries during the accident and I have already acquired a certified letter from my car insurance stating that I was covered with no lapse of coverage during the accident. My BAC was .12 (which I have been told this is actually considered relatively low). I have no prior criminal record and a very clean driving record (I have only been given one ticket in my life and that was out of state). I hold two degrees and a very good job. With all of this in mind what are my chances of entering the alcohol education program. I have heard mixed opinions of how an accident can complicate these cases but I have also heard the judge is really only concerned about deciding whether or not someone would be a repeat offender.
You should be fine, hire an experienced defense attorney and you should be ok