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How long does a DWI stay on your Criminal as well as your DMV record in Connecticut?
I've heard after 10 years it drops off of your record, but i can't seem to find out if that pertains to the criminal record, or DMV record, or both.
If you were accepted into the Alcohol Education Program and successfully completed the program it is dismissed after 1...
Evading and driving with no license
Friend got charged..cause the car register under his name..but i was the driver..so im going to court today to tell the judge it was me..what are they gonna do?
You really shouldn't do that. Both of you need to hire attorneys before you say or do anything else. You could very...
What if the person who hit me does not have a license
Someone rear ended me at a stop light and try to leave the scene found out they were intoxicated after I followed them to their house and license was suspended.
What kind of information are you looking for with this question? On the criminal side, there is potential liability for...
Who long can they drag out a Dui charge.
I had a motorcycle in May 2016 on ct. Hurt myself only no property damage. I was over the limit I believe. But have not been charged yet. Policed called me in June looking for my ins info to wrap up the investigation. Can they charge me know. ?
Yes so long as they get an arrest warrant for you within one year , unless you have prior DUI convictions , they could...
What am i looking at for charges ideas
I have fta 2nd degree for operation mv under suspension
A FTA 2nd is a class A Misdemeanor carrying up to 1 year. If you were driving under suspension for a DUI , a first time...
I have a month left of probation and was wondering if I can donate money to get community service hours
I just got my license back and my probation ends in one month I currently work 70 plus hours a week
It is hard to provide an answer based upon your question. Assuming this is your first conviction, which is why you have...
When i was stopped at a DUI check point i recived a citation for less then a 1/2 ounce of pot does this mean i was charged?
The police smelled pot when we went threw the check piont, at that time i was asked to pull over i did they serched the care and they found 1/2 an ounce of pot i recived my citation and i was free to go
Yes it does. Send in the citation and check the Not Guilty box . If you plead guilty you will have a permanent record....