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Can a dui from 2005 be use against me to attempt to get a 3rd conviction in 2017 ?
I do not drink
It depends on what you mean by "used against me." It can not be used against you In order to make you a third offender....
What if the person who hit me does not have a license
Someone rear ended me at a stop light and try to leave the scene found out they were intoxicated after I followed them to their house and license was suspended.
What kind of information are you looking for with this question? On the criminal side, there is potential liability for...
I'm "suspended for life",3rd d.u.i.. I live in Ct. The last two were in 2001. Do I need interlock to ride 49cc scooter-moped?
suspended for life means a hearing at M.V.D. I was suspended back in 2001 for third D.W.I. I have become fully disabled since 2002. Since then I served 1 year of incarceration where I was allowed to attend an alcohol treatment and education program that was required by the court. It seems that after 12 years absolutely nobody has any record of this, including M.V D. , I'm a totally different person these days with alcohol use way behind me. I can hardly walk and need a simple moped-scooter-49cc to relieve the burden to the tax payers for local transportation around town for doctors and small necessities. I can't afford a car or motorcycle on tiny fixed income, so do I need another alcohol class and an interlock device to occasionally use it for very local errands ?
This is an easy answer. They don't make IIDs for mopeds or motorcycles, so the question is mute.
Is my limited driving privilege, issued in North Carolina, recognized in Connecticut?
My license was suspended in North Carolina for DWI (0.14 BAC) for 1 year beginning around May 1st. I have a summer internship in Connecticut and need to drive to and from work. My limited driving privilege in NC allows me to drive for work-related, educational purposes, or maintenance of household between 6am and 8pm Monday-Friday. Will these same conditions be valid in Connecticut?
Contact the Connecticut Dept of Motor Vehicles" Work Permit unit. Someone there ought to be able to assist you. You...
Is there a way out of my DUI? Can you arrest someone if they aren’t behind the wheel?
I got into a fight with my girlfriend she was drunk and called the cops. I had taken off and came back to talk it out and the police were there. I got out of the car spoke with them then they decided they wanted to give me a sobriety test after being out of the car for over 10 mins. I passed first 2 tests then they asked me to stand on one foot on icy grass when I couldn’t they arrested me. Didn’t offer breathalyzer until down at the precinct then I refused.
The short and simple answer is if they believed you were recently “ operating “ the motor vehicle then the answer is...
What can i expect in court? Will i receive jail time?
I got pulled over and they found pills that was not prescription in my car. I got arrested and released with a promise to appear and a set bond of $1,500.00. I got charged with operating vehicle while under influence, even though i didnt take a breathalyzer and i passed the physicality test; and possesion of paraphernalia. This is my first offense.
While jail time is unlikely, convictions for drug related offenses and DUI carry with them the possibility of probation...
Can my husband get sentenced jail time?
My husband got into a car accident yesterday and they suspected he was drinking bc there was old little alcohol bottles in the back seat. They searched his car and found paraphernalia that he actually found and didnt even know what it was. He took and passed a physical BAC but refused the breathalyzer. He was arrested and i was able to get him out but didnt have to pay a bond
Unfortunately you have not provided enough information for a lawyer to give you an educated response. In summary so...