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Dcf just came to my house due to police been call due to my husband been drunk how long can this case be open
they issue a protection order for me but i did not request that since i did not feel unsafe
DCF, once it has credible evidence , has the mandate to investigate the circumstances and confirm the welfare of the...
I was going to file a defamation lawsuit against my former employer. I had received a DUI and was trminated for not reporting
My questin to your firm is, can I file a lawsuit because I recently ran into one of my clients that I had on one of my routes. The person stated to me that I was fired for Drunk Driving and was fired fior that reason. As of todays date I have not been convicted of any crime related to the ticket and I also feel that this is a violation of my rights and also believe that this is a direct violation of my character. I can get into more detail a later time if you feel that I have a case.
Before I can provide a reasoned answer to your question, I first need additional facts. If you would be so kind as to...
This is in regards to My DUI conviction. How Many Points does one gets on driver's license for getting two DUI's in 1 year?
I got arrested for my 1st DUI in January, 2013 and got arrested for the 2nd one in August of 2013. I was Convicted of a DUI misdemeanor as a 1st offender. However I was convicted in November of 2013 & the fact that I have full-filled all requirements & my driver's license is valid & I can drive any car. Besides, I have passed an interview for job as an Electrical engineer. The job nature requires both working in an office and going to different sites for technical support & maintenance & will be required to use company cars. The only factor that may finally determine getting finally selected for this job is the points on my driver's license. Can anyone please tell me how many points I have on my driver's license? Both The arrests were made in & around Hartford, CT. Thank you. Best.
You can go to any DMV office and get your driving record which will show eveyrthing. I believe you may even be able to...
Question about a DUI and criminal record
Let's say in Connecticut that someone is arrested for a DUI. They go to their arraignment and the DUI is dismissed the but moving violation they received along with the DUI was nolled. Does that mean, according the the Erasure Law, that the charge is completely off the record after 20 days and nobody, such as potential employers, can see it? The ticket, as I understand, will be active for 13 months.
You are correct the dismissal will take 20 days to enter, while the nolle will take 13 months to drop off
DUI - Transfer License To Another State?
I was arrested for a DUI in October of 2013. My license is still suspended because I do not have a car and can't afford the fees at the moment. I'm moving from CT to NC. Can I apply for a new license in NC or do I need to pay restoration in CT before I can get a license anywhere else even though I don't own a car?
DMVs provide information to each other. If you have a suspension in one state, other states are likely to not give you...
My name is Brianna voos.i recently got arrested for operating without a license.i had prior 2 tickets in the past will i do jail
I had two other tickets 4 years ago i played them
The best way to insure the most favorable outcome is to retain an attorney to represent you. Without knowing the entire...
Can you put a breathlizer in a car if court didn't order u but I got one dui and my bro wants me too on a safe side
Got one dui
More information is needed, but you certainly could add one to a car on your own.