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  • Driver arraigned in deadly Attleboro crash

    Monday Mar 20 | via WLNE-TV Providence 

    ATTLEBORO, Mass. A not guilty plea was entered Monday from the Massachusetts man arrested for driving drunk and crashing into a taxi cab, killing the passenger.


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  • Man charged with sexual assault and possession of na...

    Monday Mar 13 | via WLNE-TV Providence 

    EAST GREENWICH, R.I. Austin Almeida, 21, of East Greenwich was charged Monday with sexual assault and narcotics charges after more than $30,000 worth of cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines were seized from his home by Rhode Island State Police. Detective Commander, Major Dennis Fleming, said Almeida was originally arrested on a warrant stemming from allegations that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl, violating the law that states the age of consent is 16. Almeida also allegedly forced the girl to have sex without her consent on at least two occasions.


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East Greenwich Law

I've served my one months suspension of my drivers license but I can't get reinstated until I take the defensive drivers course
I've paid for the course, but am told that the next time it's being given by CCRI is January 21st. That means I've got another 2 months without being able to drive. That's not fair. My case wasn't a DUI. What can I do? I can't afford a lawyer.
U can talk to operator control defensive driving. They will usually clear u if u paid for class. If u don't take it...
What does it mean to be flagged by the NDR when trying to renew my license?
3 years ago I unfortunately got arrested for an OUI in MA. I ended getting a CWOF (continuance without a finding) which included a 90 day license suspension along with 1 year of probation and mandatory classes. I finished all penalties without issues however the CWOF was never reported to my home state of RI. Now I am trying to renew my license in RI and the website says NDR indicated there is a possible issue with my driving record. What could the possible cause of this be? Does it most likely go back to my OUI even though it was 3 years ago and all penalties have been served?
NDR is ur national driving record and if I recall it was established in 1993. It's a way for out of state state to...
What are my chances of getting home confinement for my 3rd dui in rhode island.
Is there a chance I can get home confinement for my 3rd dui in rhode island?
I don't know. All I know is that this is your 3rd dui, which obviously shows that you have an issue with alcohol and...
If my mass license is revoked , can i get a rhode island license ?
I have 2 dwi 's one in missour in 95 and one in nyc in 2010, ill be moving to ri soon , am i eligible to get a license in ri?
From your post, you cannot tell if or why your MA license is revoked. If you move to RI and apply for a license, the...
Do I need to disclose an underage drinking charge (I was 20 not a minor) on a job application?
I was charged with underage drinking in college in Massachusetts and I paid a fine for it. Now I'm doing a background check for work in Rhode Island and I can't figure out if it's something I have to disclose it asks: Have you ever been convicted of a felony at any time, or, convicted of a misdemeanor within the past ten (10) years? (Excluding traffic related offenses).
Based on the wording of the application, I would make sure to find out whether the underage drinking charge was a...
I was recently charged with a refusal (2nd) and have a CDL. The 1st was 7 years ago.
When I went to court it was treated as a first offence and I was charged with a refusal. DUI was expunged. Will I lose my CDL indefinitely or can I fight to keep my license due to the "look back" law.
I am admittedly not a DUI practitioner. However, in my personal injury practice I have found myself at the RI Traffic...
Is there anyway to get rid of a sr22 before 3 years?
Someone had told me there is a new law about DUI, a way to get out of SR22, i have been paying a little less than 300 a month and its killing me. Anyone have any ideas?
No. You got the offense, now you have to deal with the consequences.