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y now ex boyfriend beat me while driving drunk. He bit me causing me to bleed through my winter coat. He tried to take my phone suspecting i was calling police.Got a 3 rd degree dui same night anD is on unsupervised probation for one year. He had crashed into a bridge and got caught. He hasn't yet gone to court for the domestic assault. I don't know what degree he will get or the possible sentencing. Could you help..
I'm not sure what you are seeking help for. Are you trying to get your ex help fighting the criminal charges?
I was arrested n charged in minnesota with underage drinking and driving. When i got pulled over it was 2 hours after i had 1 beer at a party around 1 am. I got 3 hand held tests at around 3 am, the first 2 were errors the 3rd I blew .013, there was no field sobriety test. 20 min later at the station within 5 min of being there i blew zeros 2 times. I know i was sober and safe to drive, so I was wondering if there was anyway I could get out of the dwi, or if the fact that at the station i blew all zeros 2 times get me out of it or a lesser citation like a minor.
Driving while Intoxicated (DWI, DUI, etc.) charges are serious, complex cases that require the skill and expertise of a...
. . . more than 10 years ago, but was convicted less than 10 years ago. Can they use it to enhance? Thank you for your help.
Yes they can go by the conviction date or the revocation date. You should contact an experienced DWI attorney to...
I got my DWI knocked down to Careless Driving on the criminal side but did not win my implied consent challenge. I've heard that a DWI means that a person can't go to Canada. Does that mean a criminal DWI conviction or does that also apply to implied consent/drivers license revocations?
My understanding is that you will be able to enter Canada since your DWI was reduced to Careless Driving, even with the...
In June of 2012, I was 16 years old and got a DWI while having a provisional license. It was my first offense and I was in violation of Vanessa's Law. My license was revoked and I went through classes, probation, etc. Nearly 2 years later, I'm 18 and still unlicensed. Am I still required to take a driver's education class even though I am over the age of 18?
You should contact the DPS and determine what requirements you have left to fulfill to obtain a valid license....
I had a dui over a year ago. What do I need to do. They want to keep my car
You need to consult with an attorney ASAP to discuss your rights and the circumstances of your case.
I was never read an implied consent advisory or given the option to refuse the taking of my blood after I was arrested for a DWI. Instead, a search warrant was issued that allowed for the taking of my blood, and they took it (without me having any say in it)? Is this legal? I thought they always had to read you an implied consent advisory? Thank you.
These are great questions and are central to a major attack on the DUI chemical testing process that is currently...