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I need a emigration lawyer...
I married to a citizen for 9 years and i have 2 kids born in united States. I enter the country legally. But recently i been charge with my first dui . So now i want to know if i still can get my pepers ? And what are my chances now ...
It is not clear why you waited nine years to do anything about your immigration status. There may be a chance depending...
I got my second underage while on informal supervision, is there a way I'll get to keep my license?
I got my first underage in Illinois (blew .112) in early June while I was still 17 and was put on informal supervision, a couple days ago I got caught again in Wisconsin(blew .186). I know that if I take alcohol classes I may have charges reduced but I'm moving to Ames, IA for college next week so I don't know how possible those classes will be unless I can take them somewhere closer to Ames.
You need a lawyer in the charging state, not an online Q&A forum.
I self- deported a little over a year ago.
a little over a year ago a got arrested for a dui, i was scared and nervous about what was going to happen and i asked the officers to call ice and deport me. can this some how help me get a pardon or a waiver on my sentence?
Is forcing a person to attend AA a violation of the constitution?
I recently was charged with a DUI in Illinois. Part of my supervision requirement is to attend 1 AA meeting per week for a year. It specifically states AA as the only option. I attended one class and soon realized that the first step is accepting that God is a higher power. It also starts and ends with a prayer to God. Doens't this violate the 1st amendment with the seperation between church and state? If I don't go they revoke my supervision.
It's never been held that it is. Try googling AA for atheists. I've heard of such. If that won't work, bring you case...
I received my first ever OWI in Iowa 7 years ago, I avoided court entirely because I was scared and out of stupidity.
I lived and still live in IL, is there a limitation of them prosecuting me?
Look in the phone book to telephone a traffic ticket defeinse attorney in the city or town where your Iowa OWI was
Will i be able to get a license in iowa after my year suspension in illinois is over?
I received an OWI in Iowa and and i have an illinois license. when illinois found out about my OWI, they suspended my license for a year. Will I be able to get a license in Iowa after the one year suspension in illinois is over? If i am able to get an iowa license, do i have to do anything will illinois although my one year suspension is over and i did all the requirements?
You will have to pay Il a $250 reinstatement fee. If you do not pay it, Iowa will not return your license to you.
How to get a license after you have never had one but got a DUI?
My friend had gotten a DUI back in 2002-2003. They have never had a drivers license from the time they turned 16 to now,30. We are wanting to get them back or attempt to but don't know how to go about this.
Contact the IL DOT and ask what is required to reinstate his license. Even though he/she never had one, the court,...