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all charges were accused in laurens county do you think I can get a rap up deal on all three charges with no time jail or prison time
If you do not have any prior felony convictions on your record, and you have not use it before, then you can request...
in 2011.I had a lawyer write the county a letter telling the time was up. statuette of limitations was up. well I checked my driving record and they put that DUI on my license. this is agianst the law right my constitutional rights have been broken. can I sew them
First of all, if you try to sew anyone, you will be arrested for assault with a needle and thread. When you are issued...
I had a DWI and DUI very close together after the death of my mother. First was in September 2009 and I was weaving and they took me in for blood test and I had xanax in system. Second was a suicide attempt in March 2010 and i drove my car into concrete that one was a DUI. I pled guilty to both to get it over with and move on with my life. Just got off probation, completed ALL requirements but bc I wrecked my car 3 years ago I have nothing to put interlock on. I now am on disability and only get $1,000 a month and have 3 kids. My life is better now but hard to take care of kids without being able to drive. Have been mentally stable and sober for over 2 years. Can the interlock be waived so I can get my license back and drive other peoples' car?
Contact your attorney to discuss this as they will be in the best position to assist you. If you do not have an...
Plead not guilty to a DUI charge when I went to court in Feb 2011 and was told that I would be contacted for a court date. Havent went back to court but my license are still suspended. What it the time frame for me to go to court?
ou need to ask better questions or have abetter lawyer. You should have your license back by now.Something is wrong!...
person now resides in a different city/state but wants to clear this up.
Its a good idea to clear it up. First thing to do is hire a lawyer in the jurisdiction in which it occurred and have...
I was dropped off by a designted driver I can't find the taxy company that drooped me off,But I have witness that heard and saw i was dropped off !
You can listen to your lawyer's advice.
I was approached by a cop while sitting in my car(keys out of ignition safely parked on a side street) , the police office said he smelled a strong odor of alcohol and asked me to perform roadside test's but I refused and instead was arrested and had my blood drawn. I went to my arraignment (didn't plea and charges not filed) and was told I would receive a letter if charges are filed by the da...I have checked with the county clerk and still no filed charges or loss of license(no dmv hearing) and i'm just wondering if it's normal to wait this long for formal charges? my attorney told me to just wait and i'm doing just that. Also no blood test results yet.
No it is not normal to wait this long for a DUI Accusation to be filed. The DA/Solicitor has 2 years to file an...