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My vehicle was disabled on the side of the road for three hours this past Thursday night. The engine was running and keys were in the ignition because of the length of time I was stranded and cold. Instead of calling roadside assistance I stupidly called the police who not only came quickly but gave me a DUI for a .09 reading.
The legal definition of "operation" necessary for a conviction is much broader in scope than what you think of as...
coming up with a dirty urine
You didn't ask a question. A dirty urine is grounds to violate your plea. I suggest you speak with your lawyer ASAP.
My boyfriend is currently on felony probation for a Criminal Possession of Stolen Gun charge which carries a term of 1-3 years. He took a plea deal with the District Attorney for a 6-5. 6 months in jail 5 years probation. He currently got a DUI and the Deputy found a prescription patch for lidacain (sp?) and a needle cap with xannax residue. He is currently still incarcerated but this is his first violation on his probation. He got charged with a DUI and a paraphernalia charge and i think Driving Violations but am not sure. He refused to do a Chemical Test but I would like to know what the likely outcome of this case would be? I'm assuming his probation is going to get revoked but since it is his first violation maybe they will offer him something like a rehab if that is even possible.
It is a difficult to answer based on the limited information that was posted. Much will depend on your boyfriend's...
There was house party at my home with under age drinking while I was out of town. Some one at the party let them in and they searched the premises. The police DOBs and names but did not issue and tickets or citations. No one was given sobriety tests and evidence was seized. The called the parents and let everyone leave the scene. Only one person was sited for disorderly conduct and he was over 21. Should I be concerned the will issue tickets to me or my son after the fact?
It is of course possible. I would suggest you and your son make no statements should the police come to investigate....
I was convicted in 1998.I was order to undergo drug & alcohol counseling.I started the counseling,but could not afford to finish.Will I be able to get a license again, and if so , in how many years?
Check with the State that suspended your license in 1998. Most likely, that State will not grant you a license until...
I am currently being charged with a DWAI plus fine, I however, have a Florida license, all the while this happened in NY. I have recently moved back to NY and am at a loss... do I try to apply for a NY license, do I leave it as is with the Florida license? My case has been adjourned until next week, I am just unsure as to what to do. Any help or advise would be AMAZING. Thank you.
1) If youre being charged DWAI, and DWAI alone it is because you blew below the legal limit of .08 2) as a result...
I was convicted in December 1998
Your questinon while short has a few errors in it that make it difficult to understand. 1. DWAI is a violation in NY...