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I was charged with a dui 3 days ago I wasnt actually seen driving but still charged can they do this they arrested me in my home
it was an hour later, I had admitted to having 2 mix drinks around 6p. drove 6 miles to see a baseball game had another beer there around 9:30 pm headed home about 11 pm and as I was exiting the off ramp I do admit I was going to fast hit the cement divider to my right and got my car stuck I phoned my husband who came within min. and since he had left our 2 boys alone asleep told me to go back home he would get the car out or call a tow truck.There was nothing I could do and it was a very dangerous situation, so I left home while he stayed with the vehicle, when a CHP did arrive he asked my husband who was driving he said his wife, we werent hiding anything, I did go home and have a couple more drinks showered and had a CHP come to my home and arrested me
I have seen California police pull this sort of thing all the time. There are serious problems with their case that...
Can police charge u with a dui if u weren't any where near a vehicle?
I was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance which I recently beat but I recently applied for a job that ran a background check on me and to my surprise it stated I was charged with a dui. Thats funny cause I was nowhere near a vehicle. I was in public but not in or around a vehicle. I obviously didn't get the job as a driver helper because of this. Is this legal? If not what can I do?
It is probably a clerical error an you are right in waning to get it corrected. Talk to the law enforcement agency...
How long before I can get my license back if I choose not to get the Interlock or the restricted license?
Received a DUI in Tulare county. DMV requires a Interlock device. But even after having 3 cars in my name because of family issues I now have no access to either one so I do not need a restricted license. So I see no use in getting the interlock device.
If you have no access to a car, then you wouldn't even be able to get an interlock if you wanted to. Right?
How can I get the charged expunged? Will the DUI charge still appear on my criminal record?
I want to become an EMT of course the job entails driving however, I was originally arrested and charged with a DUI on the 28th of December, 2014, but after finding legal help I was later convicted of the wet & reckless.
California does not have a true "expungement" statute. What we do have is a dismissal under Penal Code 1203.4. If...
How will dui charges stack for boat offenses?
My friend has been charged with boating under the influence in California. He has 4 prior duis. His 3rd more than ten years ago. His last more than 7.
Please encourage your friend to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. He could be facing a significant...
Can i do weekend classes in visalia ca. Do to work out of town
I live in visalia ca. But i work in sanfransico
What type of classes? You should probably speak to your attorney or contact the public defender's office. Many DUI...
Do I need to still need to do my dui classes and get a sr22 to get my license back after having a dui for exactly 10 years ?
I got my DUI in Dec of 05, I never got around to doing any of my DUI classes because I didn't have the funds to do so. I never got a sr22 because I never had a car after my DUI. Pretty much I didn't really drive for a while and i haven't got anything on my record since. Now I'm trying to get my license back and buy a car, went to DMV and they said I still need to do my classes and get the sr22. Question is, should I just wait a couple more months till the ten year mark and save some money, or does that not even matter. Would I still have to do all those things to get my license back after Dec?
Only of you ever want to drive again.