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I have a DUI. How long will I be able to filefor naturalization.
My wife is a US Citizen. Do i have to wait till 3 years of probation.
naturalization will not be approved for a person on probation.
When can I file naturalization.I have a DUI 8/18/16
My wife is a US Citizen.I have 3 years probation.
You need to wait till you are no longer on probation and then consult with an immigration attorney.
How do I get my license back in California
I was arrested for a DUI in 2009 with a BAC of .09. I completed my required DUI school and paid my fines. I just never went to get my license. Will I run into problems when I do go get it. I don't want to go to the DMV until I am sure I can get my license back without any problems.
You will need to have an SR 22 proof of insurance on file and pay the DMV a Fee of $!25.00 ,
Can I fight the dmv on an interlock
Dui 6.5 years ago..driving on susPended over a year ago...got my license back went to court dropped fron driving on suspened to no license..now dmv wants be gave one for a whole year. I can't afford it or think under circumstances it's fair.
You'll never beat the DMV on this issue. You want a license, install the IID.
Does dwi overseas military transfer to the states?
I was pulled over on base in Germany and blew a 0.6 and the legal limit in Germany is 0.5. received an LOR. Will this show up in my driving record back in the states?
Have never ran across this type of issue, but it seems clear to me the answer should be no.
I was recently pulled over & got a driving on suspended no insurance & expired reg & a possession charge. I'm on informal prob.
My question is I have since paid my registration and is current I'm not driving at this time so I don't have insurance on my vehicle. I am on informal probation. I got a possession charge. I understand that I will have consequences, with a probation violation can I still avoid jail by doing swap or DRC. I'm n california I no every states laws differ.
I have no idea why your license was suspended- but if you can get it- do so! More information is needed to respond....
I need to smoke to treat
Marijuana licenses but on probation
Make sure you have a doctor's prescription so you can prove it is pursuant to medical care. Otherwise you will be in...