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Trying to get security license and was told I had a active issue and I couldn't be issued one.Have no warrants I'm aware of!?
Can I find out if I'm under investigation somehow for something?
I would consult with a local attorney, who can get with the agency you are dealing with and try to get to the bottom of...
Can you appeal a dui ruling by a judge if you waived your right to counsel at the first court date after arrest?
I was pulled over for speeding. (80 in a 40). Refused breathalyzer test. Was not made to blow at the jail. I have had a lot of foot injuries in the past and told the officer this before a balance field test was given on ground that wasn't level. I had to hold one foot in the air for a 15 count. I was mad to follow his his finger above my head with my eyes and did that easily. I only waived my right to counsel because I thought I wouldn't have money for a lawyer. So I signed the waiver and plead no contest. Court was on the 8th and I have 30 days to appeal.
You waiver to counsel was knowing and done under oath. So, now after court you want to appeal, but to do so you need...
Can I travel abroad after being arrested for a DWI as a green card holder?
I'm a green card holder. I got arrested for a DWI two days ago and my court date is in two weeks. I was planning to travel to my home country (Mexico) for a few days (before court date) but I would like to know if I will have any problems getting back into the US. I filled the petition to remove conditions but I still dont have my 10 year greencard only the receipt and the extension letter. I do have an I-551 stamp on my passport valid through Feb. 21st. There was no accident and nobody hurt on the dwi charges.
The case is still pending, there has been no conviction yet. You will be readmitted. Make sure to have on you the...
If you are driving a friends car are responsible for its registration or tags ?
My husband was riding with a friend in the friends car to the store when they were pulled over for expired registration and tags from Georgia (we are in Arkansas). They took his friends license and my husband was forced to drive home. If my husband drives them to work in this vehicle could he be held responsible for the bad tags or registration?
Yes, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for the validity of the tags. In some states, if the owner is a passenger...
Will I still go to jail if I just started working and making payments after the body attachments were ?
I have two body attachments because I lost my job and couldn't make my payments on time. Now I'm facing jail time, which means I wouldn't be able to continue to search for employment. My license is suspended and most jobs require a valid drivers license
A body attachment will not automatically go away just because you're making payments again. Generally body attachments...
What will happen?
I was pulled over today for running a red light- the light turned yellow and I could not stop in time so I went forward. I didn't notice that there was a cop behind me until afterwards... but he ran the red light to catch up to me. At that point the other light had already turned green so he really ran the light. Long story short, he said he smelled a hint of marijuana in the vehicle and searched it. I had a small amount of personal in my console, but hadn't smoked or used it since the night prior. He ticketed me for PCS and running the red light. It's my first offense and I don't know what will happen. I need advice on what to do.
PCS is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and/or up to a $2500 fine, plus 6 months’ driver’s...
Can i take the dui classes required in Arkansas on line, since I can't legally drive?
I have had two dwi, the last one was 4 years and 11 months after the first, The first one I deserved, but the second one I did not, I was taking medication, several actually. The prescription all said one the bottles "Use care when driving a motor vehicle." and I was. I had just bought a new Dodge and realized the truck was too big for me, I was on my way home and I live way out in the country. There are no street lights, it was pouring down rain and when I turned to go down "walker's Cutoff" and my right wheel got too close to a culvert and I got my truck stuck in the mud. I was glad to see a policeman coming down the road because I needed help. I had my right shoulder operated on about three weeks before this happen ( rotor cup fixed). so I couldn't use the jack by myself. Well, to make a long story long he arrested me because he thought I was using drugs. They tested me and I did have drugs in my system, I have osteoarthritis and I do take a lot on narcotics to be able to walk and live a half way normal life. I told this officer that I had recently had the surgery on my shoulder but he twisted my arms and damaged my shoulder. Can I take the 2 classes on line? Thank you
You need to hire an attorney right away to fight this and perhaps sue to the police for injuring your recently repaired...