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I was issued an order of procedendo in 2007 for a 1st offense DUI and Careless Driving in Mississippi. Statute of limitations?
All fines were paid, courses attended, and suspensions imposed were served. Is there a limit on when I could have to do something different with this? Is there a statute of limitations for them revisiting it? I have never even as much as gotten a parking ticket since then and it would be a relief to know it can't haunt me over 7 years later.
I think this is really a question you need to put to a Mississippi lawyer. I would suggest contacting the one who...
Charged with dwi. Wasn't seen driving. was inside Burger King when cops pulled in behind car. Came inside and took me outside.
Cops said someone called in saying this vehicle is running red lights etc. I was in resturaunt had already ordered my food and was waiting on it. Cops pulled in behind car outside & asked passenger in car where the driver was. He said inside, they came in & took me outside.
I'm assuming you're asking whether the passenger's statement can be used to help convict you of the DWI? If that's your...
I have to do 30 days but on weekends. How many weekends should I expect to do... Do I get credit for the weekend time.
Time was 12 months with 11 months suspended. Judge agreed to time on weekends only
How to calculate your time is up to the jail, by and large. Some jails will still give you day-for-day misdemeanor...
Did they changed the dwi laws?
Iam Trynna figure out why didn't I have too post bail 2500 secure and get on Pre trial supervision and they said maintain a Job and I got a 6:30 curfew and Iam a adult did the laws change?
They change sometimes, but that had nothing to do with your bond. Bond is the terms and conditions a judge or...
Do my driveing record play a big part in my dwi case?
My record says -1 do this make it even worser when I go too court n the judge check my record
If you are asking if your record will be considered in guilt or innocence--it should not be factor into the facts of...
We administer breathlizers at each group meeting all clients must submit too random drugs screen what do this exactly mean?
It says they screen for a minimum of 10 different types of drugs! This the catch that Iam lost at If it's is deemed that the client needs a more intensive screening protocol they may require alchol METABOLITe testing or place clients on a more intensive screening program can anyone answer this
For the love of god, the program tests you for drugs and alcohol. That is what it means. If you use while in the...
How often do substance abuse programs use urine too test for alcohol or do they just use breathlizer?
I believe this program is going too help me out a lot!
Dear Roanoke - You agree to be tested at any time you are there, but they may not test you 100% of the time. You should...