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Can i sue
Positive for drugs in pee and re did the test they admitted they mixed up tests and tried to apologize
Who are "they"? An employer, the police, who? You provide no facts. You provide no damages (what you lost because of...
Can I request a jury trial at my probation hearing?
I am charged with contempt of court for violating my probation. I can prove I did not. Can I go into court and request a jury trial?
Here in NJ (and in all of the other States with which I am familiar) Probation Hearings are typically held in front of...
I got a dui in Colorado Track D. I am on my #16th class of Therapy. I want to take some classes in Michigan.
I have completed my Level II Education. I am on Level II Therapy and going into week 16 this coming week. I am on track D (refusal). Is there a place to take classes in Imlay City, MI or close by to continue my Level II Therapy and will count in Colorado? My parents are in need of help (they are 86 and 94 - My mother has pneumonia at the moment and is hospitalized). I will contact my probation officer here tomorrow in Eagle, CO to see if she can help me. Thank you. Anna Campbell
It is possible to transfer your probation to another state, but you would need approval from your PO and the courts....
Started car successfully, rolling retest came up, and the device wouldnt register my breath, 5 min timer ran out....?
rolling retest came up, i tried to provide a sample, and the device wouldnt take my sample until after the 5 minute timer ran out. No alch was ever detected, and camera will show i was in the car, giving a sample, but it didnt register until after timer ran out. Hard part is, i had already gotten my 4 months passing letter (in Colorado). I got my license back, and my interlock removed. What will happen? I never violated anything that is stated on the 4 month letter, (didnt circumvent and no BAC was detected) just the rolling retest timer ran out before the device would accept my sample.
It's not clear what you are trying to get at here. What will happen in what proceeding? With the courts or with the...
DWAI mean license gone? Interlock? If interlock, what if i then move out of state for work?
Looking at a DWAI
If you are charged with a Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) then your chemical test probably came back at .05 to ....
I have DWAI in Colorado from 2004.I checked my criminal record at CBI and it shows charged with DUI.Who can fix the discrepancy?
The clerk at the County court where I was convicted printed and certified the copy of the DWAI guilty plea sentence. She did not know how to help me fix this with Colorado Bureau of Investigation . I asked the sheriff department and didn't get an answer either. This is really important matter to me and I want my criminal record to be fixed. Who can help? Thank you
Its late so I don't have the info handy but contact CBI and they will correct it with the documents that you have.
I got a deferred sentence for 2 years for a DUI. When the two years are up, what do I have to do?
I was on probation for a year, have done all the classes, paid all the fines, etc. It's my understanding that all I have to do is not get in trouble for the next year, but to get my guilty plea dismissed will I have to appear in court again? Will they summon me, or is it my responsibility to appear? Or will it be automatically dismissed?
You should direct your question to the attorney that represented you in the case.