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What will happen?
My husband had a 3 year probation sentencein july 2014, then in Nov 2016' he was arrested for am extreme DUI 1st offense, since his 3yr probation begain he's paid all restitution, completed GED all alcohol classes etc, Feb 10, 17 he self surrendered due to a letter he got via mail for failure to tell his PO about the DUI, I am also expecting In April will the judge consider that?
The Judge should consider all the circumstances, his being close to completing probation, the original charge, any...
Whats the amount for a drug paraphernalia charge in the state of Arizona
Driving on highway pulled over for window tint officers searched vehicle found a non used bong in my possession?
The State would have to prove you possessed the bong with the intent to ingest drugs. The fact that it was unused is...
I have two months left on my unsupervised Misdemeanor DUI probation. Can I travel to Central America?
My DUI was in Alaska, I asked permission of the court to move to Arizona, the motion was deemed a moot point as I am on unsupervised probation and have fulfilled my DUI classes, Interlock device, fines and community service. I want to travel to Central America the middle/end of July but my probation is not up until August 12th.. During the last two years I renewed my passport without a problem so was wondering if my travel plan will need to be postponed (which is a huge problem!)
Most judges will terminate unsupervised probation if all the terms and conditions have been met. My advice is to...
Plead guilty to first offense D.U.I. in Co. Nov.2000 was sent for alcohol evaluation then returned to court for sentence
judge refused guilty plea based upon evaluation report an set trial date i did not return for any further proceedings it has been 13 yrs. do i still face charges i received no notices of disposition,does statute of limitations apply to this case
What court/state were you in? If by Co. you mean Colorado, you should post in that jurisdiction. In Arizona, if you...
Will I be drug tested when I go to court?
Me and some friends were pulled over in Arizona and ticketed for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and have a court date set later this month. We've never been in trouble before so we have no clue how all of this works. We're very nervous that they're going to drug test us when we go to court and that it will come up positive because we have been using for quite awhile now. We are working on getting our medical cards, we live in New Mexico where it's legal, but aren't sure if we'll be able to before our court date or if it will even be relevant under the state of arizona. We want to go about this the best way possible and just want to know what to expect so any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
If you did not have medical cards when you were cited, a new one will not affect the charges. If the charges are...
Is there a "Jury Trial" in Extreme DUI Cases?
Facts... I am located in Phoenix, AZ. I got my first Extreme DUI in early September 2017. I ended up crashing into a parked car in a residential neighborhood. No one was injured except for myself, so I was rushed to the hospital, never arrested. In the 22-years I have been driving, I never had a single at-fault accident until the DUI incident. I cannot afford a Private Attorney and will have to have a Court Appointed Attorney. There was a Search Warrant for my blood at the ER. My Questions... 1. Generally speaking, is there a "Jury Trial" or "Bench Trial" in Extreme DUI cases? 2. I faxed a Motion To Continue, never received a "new court" date in the mail, nor, do I know if my request was received. Is this normal in DUI cases? Initially, I was scheduled for court Mid-Sept. 2017 but was admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital for suicidal thoughts/anxiety (due to DUI) and missed my first court date. A hospital employee faxed a "Motion To Continue." Thus far, I haven't heard from the court. I even called the court, to confirm my new court date and was advised that the police officer hasn't filed my DUI complaint to the courts yet.
In Arizona, you have a right to a jury trial for all DUI cases unless you are under 21 It is quite normal not just...
My boyfriend is charged with a dui and dwi misdemeanor and waiting court can he still travel to Mexico and come back ?
He got his dui and dwi about a month ago does this affect our travel plans?
If he saw a judge and the judge gave him release conditions of not leaving the State, then he can't. If he was just...