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How can the state of Illinois charge my husband $500 reinstatement for a suspension and $500 fee for a revocation for same Dui
In 2008 my husband received a felony DUI and license was suspended. Once found guilty his license was revoked. He served time in prison and after getting out got a job. Was pulled over had no license. He recently jumped thru all the hoops drove on a work permit for almost a year. Finally received letter stating he was eligible for license but when he got down there he had to pay two fees of reinstatement.
Based upon your question - it would appear he is paying 500.00 to terminate a second offender summary suspension and a...
How likely will I get my license back and how fast?
I recieved a dui while driving on a suspended license in livingston county il Feb. 2009. My bac was .152 and i was on the side of the road in snow. Was not in an accident. I cooperated with the officer. I have completed all classes and paid all fines, restitution, etc. I am required to see an informal hearing officer. I was wonder how likely i am to get them back when i go.
Depending on how that DUI was charged and what the outcome was, you could either be looking at an informal or a formal...
If I choose to finish my probation unsatisfied can I still get punished?
I cannot afford my classes. The only option I have is to finish Unsatisfied...Can I be punished for past that decision?
Yes, you can be sentenced to jail and have your license revoked.
When arrested for DUI, is it required that the officer read you your Miranda rights?
Was taken in not hand cuffed until in questioning area and cuffs were only for a few minutes
No the protections Arizona vs. Miranda are not required or really needed in the standard DUI stop. The prosecutor does...
My Illinois DUI was reduced to reckless driving. Will I still lose my drivers license under the statatory summary suspension?
Yes. The arrest alone triggers the statutory summary suspension. To avoid this harsh effect of the law you must have...
I have a full CDL dirver's license IN Illinois. Recieved DUI in my personal vehicle. Can I get unemployment when i get fired?
I was driving my personal vehicle when I encountered a safty check road block. I blew over the legal limit and was arrested for driving over the legal limit consumtion of alcohol. When I am terminated from my truck driving job do i qualify for unemployment?
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Can I get an aggravated dui?
Can i be given an aggravated dui for an accident with no other vehicles/witnesses, police came to hospital, submitted to testing, windshield of vehicle was nearly knocked out by driver but hospital didn't check my head at all?
There are numerous ways a MISDEMEANOR DUI can be enhanced to a FELONY or AGGRAVATED DUI. Any DUI with Great Bodily Harm...