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If my dui was 14 years ago what do I have to answer on a MA background check?
I got a dui in 2000 in NJ A MA employer is asking on a background check if I have ever been convicted of a traffic offense and have I ever had a dui What do I have to tell them?
Massachusetts law prohibits employers from asking criminal history questions in the initial application for employment....
DUI- but driving out of necessity
Hello and thank you in advance. A few months ago, I was arrested on a dwi. I was at a party where the home owner gave me a few drinks. The home owner, a friend, who was very intoxicated became angry and assaulted me as well as my car (kicking it, and choking me) and telling ME to leave and NOT letting me out of the car. Someone in the house called the police and told them that I WAS the person who was causing the trouble (which I WAS NOT). The police arrived withing minutes of me leaving the driveway, and pulled me over and arrested ME! I told them I had just been assaulted, and they told me they would "get to that", but they never did. I am a 42 yr old woman (no prior arrests of any kind) and my attacker is a man who was out of control. I don't want to plead guilty. Any thoughts? In Ma.
You might have a competing harms defense. You need a DUI attorney to protect your interest.
I have been charged for first dui in rhode island. But I live in ma. And have 2 priors, what should I do
Am I going to jail when I go to the hearing? What if the. Oui is more than 10 years old. And have
You need to use the AVVO find a lawyer function and locate a DUI lawyer in Rhode Island before you attend any hearing....
What r my odds OUI
got into accident i was sent to hospital was unconscious,an they took blood work. an than was cited when i came home from hospital for OUI what would be my best option here,first affense,also have a CDL license .please help..Thanks
Any sort of plea or admission would result in you losing your CDL, at least for a year. I suggest you contact an...
Can a Cahill disposition be requested after an unsuccessful trial (guilty finding)
All Cahill prerequisites are present 1st and only OUI was CWOF 20 years ago
Anyone facing a second offense OUI charge may be eligible for the Cahill Disposition- this disposition requires the RMV...
2 state driver licenses, two revocations? (MA-specific)
I moved from MA 5 years ago to another state and turned in MA DL to get converted license. Received 1st DUI in new state earlier this year. Case resolved, and will be able to re-instate full license next year. Just received letter from MA DMV at old address there that my MA license is going to be revoked. (I had no idea MA DL was still active/valid). Once I move back to MA with a full out-of-state license, will MA cause me to go through all the DUI steps necessary as if I received the DUI in MA, since MA license was active at the time? (MA RMV website seems to indicate this). The letter from MA RMV says I will need to go to hearing, and bring "court abstract" from other state. What is going on?
You will need to go to the Massachusetts RMV and meet with a Hearings Officer. If you had forfeited your Massachusetts...
Someone hit a tree in our yard last night and appeared drunk, but wasn't charged...can I sue him? Or go thru insurance?
Early this morning at approx. 1 AM, a man slammed his vehicle head-on into a Maple tree that sits at the edge of our driveway on our property. Had the tree not been there, he would have driven into our home. He was completely uninjured but his car was totaled. He smelled of alcohol and appeared to the untrained eye to be very drunk. He proclaimed his sobriety several times when we never questioned it. He claimed he swerved to hit a deer, but there are no indications on the street that he swerved at all. He refused to call the police, so we did. They came and didn't even administer a field sobriety test. They let him go to the custody of his sister. I am FURIOUS. Can we sue him for damages and emotional stress? Can we sue him for being drunk? Or do we have to go thru insurance?
You can't sue him for emotional stress. You can sue him for property damage but they're really isn't any point because...