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What happens if you have a dirty ua while your on unmonitored orobation for a dui and you have a defered sentence?
I went to sighn up for treatment and i had a ua that was positive for illegal substances. It wasnt official treatment yet it was an intake appointment to figure out how they should go about my treatment process. My conceler said the where going to have to notify the courts and let them know i tested positive.
As a condition of your deferred sentence I would assume that the court ordered you not to consume alcohol or non-...
WIll a DUI In Pittsburgh carry over to Seattle?
I have a friend that has several DUIs in Pitsburh that prevents him from having a drivers license. He's off of probation already and can leave pittsburgh to come to seattle. Will he be able to get a drivers license in seattle or will his DUI follow him here and prevent him from getting a license?
Each State has it's own licensing department and has it's own laws and rules. The various State's DMV/DOLs will...
International travel after DUI was dropped to Reckless?
I was convicted of Reckless driving from a DUI arrest 5 years ago. Are there any countries other than Canada that I can no longer visit? Do I need to disclose the arrest on the customs form when entering a country via air?
More information is needed in order to provide a meaningful response. Beyond that, your question needs to be crafted...
Charged with DUI (blew .000 / no drug test given /on no medication) and Reckless Driving. -Is this Malicious Prosecution ?
I was cited for DUI after making an illegal U-Turn while returning from a musical performance at 1 AM. Rookie officer said "it was not reckless but I will cite you for the traffic infraction." The officer believed I was impaired and took me in. I blew a .000 but was then handed a DUI. "Why ?" "Because I think you are on drugs..." I was refused a blood draw because the officer had worked an 18 hour shift and was tired." (admitted on video multiple times) While in the holding cell I overheard a senior officer tell the rookie to 'add something else' as the DUI was tenuous, so later at the arraignment I was charged with DUI and Reckless Driving despite the U-Turn appearing very benign on patrol car dash cam with no traffic / people present. I procured a top-tier attorney who then referred me to a top-tier DUI specialist. After 6 months of anxiety and not sleeping, both charges were dismissed just before this week's scheduled motion hearing. Best possible outcome for me but I am still out over $8000 in legal fees and drug tests to help prove my innocence. Do I have any recourse for Malicious Prosecution, etc ? Thank you very much for any advice,
I don't think their is a cause of action here. Good luck
I was stopped for a DUI last year and not buckled up until the officers noticed and stopped at the next exit?
I was stopped and put into a patrol vehicle for a DUI. The officers forgot (I'm guessing) to buckle me up and proceeded to stop at the next exit ramp and then buckle me. Will this help my case at all?
The evidence for DUI doesn’t get any stronger or weaker because you didn’t have a seat belt on for a few minutes. If...
My boyfriend & I both have to have an interlock device but only have 1 vehicle. As long as we have an IID are we okay?
Boyfriend has prior DUI he has to get the IID until December 2018. I recently got physical control and am have until October 2019. Wondering while we share a vehicle if I am safe to use his IID even if it's not registered to me. Will I get in trouble? We can't put 2 IID in 1 car. I know I have to show proof of at least 4 months of IID before October 2019. When he is done with his DUI then I could register it in my name?
Just check with the DOL and the ignition interlock provider. This shouldn't be hard to figure out and you can use the...
What are the potential reprocussions?
I drove home from the bar blacked out. I was in an MVA, hit and run. I don’t remember much of it. My friend and I planned to Uber home from the bar. The police went to my old house looking for me. They didn’t find me since I don’t live there. The other car supposedly flipped and the passengers are in the hospital. My car is impounded; polic have my wallet and phone. Car is totaled. I had another dui about 8 years ago that is said and done. What is the potential reprocussions?
Multiple counts of Vehicular Assault and felony Hit and Run sound like a real possibility. If convicted with a prior...