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Should I stay with the public defender or hire a DUI attorney
The Court appointed the public defender when I was charged with DUI .
No one here can really answer that Q. I would sit down w/ the PD and discuss his/her experience. Then I would contact a...
Can you be arrested for DUI when you weren't in the car when the police arrived . The car in question was locked , no keys in th
Aressted for DUI in the state of alaska . I was not in the car when approached by the police . The car in question was locked and there were no keys in the ignition . A caller reported a possible drunk driver and I was the first person he saw . I was crossing the street in a parking lot that is close go where I live when approached by the police and arrested . It was note time and the parking lot was dimly lit .
Arrested, yes; convicted, perhaps not. The standard to contact (reasonable suspicion) is lower than the standard to...
How far back does the state of Alaska look back at your record when sentencing on a first DUI conviction
DUI conviction in the state of Alaska
The prosecutor will have access to see your entire driving and criminal history. Each state has different DUI laws so...
What time required in AK have headlights on a dirt trail on 4 wheeler, on summer solstice, longest day of year?
I got a DUI after getting stopped for no headlights on my wheeler, it was not even dark to me. It is being tried as a felony due to number of DUI's in my past. I have completely changed my life around and have not driven a vehicle at all for 9 years. I am taking Naltrexone. I am thinking filing a motion for bad stop, it was 3 am and I felt no need for lights.
It is good that you changed your life around. What were the other weather conditions that could affect lighting?...
If a harassing creditor office sends a default to the dmv and they suspend my licence what options do i have without PIF? help
in 2011 I was in alaska driving of a Texas licence and anyways i got into a car accident with a "revoked alaska DL ?" and no insurance and a dui. I went to jail and spent the next 2 years in and out of jail. durin that time Debt collectrs from the other persons insurance agency submitted a court hearing for a payment I was not aware was due or knew anything about being incarcerated. the facility did not allow me to go to court that day and therefore they won the judgement. I had not made anypayments towards it not knowing how all that stuff worked and opened my account one day and all my money was gone. I was unaware they were going to collect from me. a year later they kept trying to force me to make payments when i didnt have money therefore defaulting me & sending it to my dmv who suspe
There's not much you can do. I find it difficult to believe that immediately after arrest, the collections company was...
I had a blood level of .051 of morphine and was charged with an OUI. Is this a low enough level to try and take it to trial?
I'm in Alaska, they found 3 5 mg pain pills no script in the passenger side door so I'm facing an OUI and possession(felony). This is my second DUI/OUI but first drug charge.
What you need to do, as is the case with most people who ask questions here, is to go see and hire a criminal defense...
Can i get my licence back without doing asap AGAIN!
I've been thru several 'treatment places, spent 1000's of $. Somehow, someway they don't pass me. (Flimsy/even false reasons.) I Haven't got in any trouble for almost 10yrs. I can't afford it again. Plus it doesn't/didn't work.
I am not licensed to practice in Alaska, but it would still be tough to answer your question is I were without more...