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What countries can I not travel in with a DWI?
I have a DWI. Can I travel to Florida and the Bahamas?
You can travel to Florida since that isn't a foreign country. With respect to travel beyond that, it would likely...
Will I receive a warrant if I miss my DMV hearing to see whether or not I needed an interlock device?
Got a DWI, had no way to attend the hearing(out of state). I would like to travel out of the country soon and I was curious if missing this hearing would result in a warrant? I attended court for the DWI hearing but NOT for the DMV hearing. Thanks for your time.
No warrant will issue for missing the DMV hearing. However, you may not be able to enter some countries, e.g. Canada,...
I got pc'd for a DWI . does that count as getting arrested ? He did not say anything about jail time
i am on probation in ma . but i don't have a p . o or don't have to visit one . i got the DWI in NH . could i be facing jail time ?
A DWI 1st offense in NH is classified as a class B misdemeanor and there is no jail term associated with the sentence....
What are the requirements for getting drivers license reinstated after 10 years after losing it to DUI?
I lost my license in NH from DUI over 10 years ago. The fines were paid but I never went to the DUI class they required. I moved out of state and haven't needed to drive. I am back in NH and would like to get my license back . Will I still be required to get SR22 ins and take the DUI class?
Unfortunately, yes. Here is a link to the requirements. https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dcbcs/bdas/driving.htm
Do i take a plea. Or goto trial
Plea, 2nd offn dui dropped to 1st offn with enhanced penalty. Blood bac got tossed do to not reported in required time. Failed fieled sober test do to roll over accident. Injurys to myself sperated ac,fractured humerus in shoulder. No wittness,never admited to drinking. Court appointed got proscuter to this point. Do i have a winnable defense with limited info provided thank you
Not sure why they would give you field sobriety tests with all of the injuries you cited. No way you could pass them...
Is it possible to not get mandatory jail time in nh for driving on suspended license. They are charging me with class a mis
Because I had my license suspended due to dwi. Now I am pregnant and scared that I am going to jail....
If convicted for driving after suspension due to a DWI, it is a mandatory 7-day jail sentence, as well as an additional...
How much would it be to get my dwi annulled?
Ok .. I got a dui back in 2002 when I lived in New Hampshire for three months.I tried to renew my license last Wednesday but wasn't able to here in Georgia. Because of New Hampshire DMV I'm supposedly have suspended driving privileges in state of New Hampshire . I went to court back in dec 2002 .took dui defense courses here in Georgia .But the DMV in New Hampshire says they never received the certificate of completion for the dui class .but the court received it. It's in a case summary that states( idip complete ) .but the DMV of New Hampshire will not take that . And court records are destroyed after 10 years. Certification of dui course from Georgia are destroyed after 5 years. It's been 14 years I never received the letter from the DMV for reinstatement of license or them stating that they wanted a certificate of completion for the dui course. And the place where I took the class is out of business .Therefore I may have to take the dui course again and it's been 14 years . So my question to you is can I get this expunged or annulled it being 14+ years and if so how much does that usually run?
We cannot quote prices on this forum. You need to have a full discussion with an attorney in NH. Here is a link I got...