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Will a missed test on a Smart Start "In-Hom", in home monitorin device result in by bond being revoked? I am on bond for a dui
I'm worried about missing a testing window. Was visiting family and there was no discreet way of using the device (they are very loud!) and I didn't want to worry my elderly relatives about my legal problems. I shouldn't have missed the testing window but I did.
It is always possible. The court's decision depends on a lot of facts which are not provided in your question. If you...
My husband hit an EMT while too drunk to remember. Does he need a lawyer?
While in Wisconsin for work, my husband blacked out driving home from a bar and rolled our truck. It was a single vehicle accident, and the police came and called an ambulance. My husband was pulled out of the vehicle and while being transferred to the ambulance he swung and hit a woman EMT. He is being charged with DWI and battery to an Emergency worker, Class H felony. Does he need a lawyer?
That's like asking if you need a surgeon to do brain surgery. Yes, your husband needs a lawyer. He should search...
Can I be extradited from Costa Rica to Arizona for 2 Felony DUI's
I have a felony warrant in Arizona for 2 DUI's. If I move to Costa Rica what is the likely hood of being extradited back to Arizona?
Don't plan of coming back to the U.S. They will take you into custody when you attempt to re-enter.
What is a show cause in relation to asking for extension of community service completion?
My 48 hours of community service is due in a month. I was worried I won't be able to finish it in time so I sent a letter to the judge requesting a 2 week extension. I received a court order show cause in the mail set for two days before my community service is due. What does that mean and what should I bring to it to be prepared?
The judge is asking you to show a good cause as to why it wasn't completed in time. Most likely, the judge will grant...
Second DUI, first DUI over 7 years ago. What is going to happen? (I live in Colorado)
Just got a DUI citation a couple weeks ago. It was a really silly and regrettable mistake I thought I would never make again. I was just wondering what lies in store? I'm a full time college student, but I'm willing to pay the price since this was my fault for being so stupid. Basically, will this be considered a first DUI in Colorado? I had a previous "DUI to the slightest degree" in the spring of 2006 when I was a minor.
Durango: In Colorado you are looking at being sentenced for a second offense. A second DUI conviction carries a...
Will I be facing jail time if i got pulled over for a DUI and blew a .19? This is my first DUI.
I got a DUI and have court next Wednesday the 22nd. I was on a 49cc scooter and this is my first DUI. I blew .18-.19. Do I need to get a lawyer?
For a first offense with a BAC under 0.20 in Colorado there is not typically any jail time imposed. There could be...
Will there be a second dmv hearing if I was found guilty in trial but not in the first dmv hearing ?
I had a dmv hearing prior to my criminal trial in which the officer never showed up so they let me reinstate my license . Then I went to trial and was found guilty of dwai . Will there be another dmv hearing because of the verdict of the trial ?
No. The conviction will be reported to the DMV and if the DWAI conviction along with any other conviction for traffic...