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I need a modification to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor. Can I get a form to do this myself to save an attorney fee?
I was convicted of 2 DUI's within a 5 year period, which is a felony in my state. The judge said after my 18 month probation and community service was complete and all fees paid, I could petition the court to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor. I have completed the terms of the judgment, but do not have $250.00 to pay an attorney to write a modification. The attorney that represented me for the conviction 18 months ago, said he would do this for $100.00. Now he says he doesn't recall saying that and wants $250.00. I am working full time and trying to get a lot of old debt paid. I just can't afford this right now but desperately want the felony off my record. I have been sober for almost 2 years now!!! Thank you.
It is not recommended, but you can certainly try. If the reduction was included in the plea agreement and you have...
How do you go about getting a felony dui erased?
My step son has 3 dui in Indiana and wants his felony erased. How do I have him get the ball rolling. He seems to think that he can just go to court and fix it. I don't think so
Indiana's expungement statute is contained in Indiana Code 35-38-9 et seq. There is a waiting period that will depend...
Will I be able to drive in Indiana if BAIID system is installed for a Illinois DUI?
Arrested in Illinois for DUI and I am licensed in Indiana. I have been offered full driving privileges in Illinois if I have a BAIID system installed in my car. Will I also be able to drive in Indiana if this system is installed.
As long as you are not suspended or revoked in IN, I have never had an Il client have problems.
What Happens At A Marijuana Smell Offense Hearing In A College Dorm?
I was reported for the Strong Smell Of Weed On my Person. I admitted to smoking Weed Off Campus And no Weed was found on me and the smell barely evident.
Contact a local criminal defense attorney in your area to advise you and help protect your rights. Many attorneys will...
I missed a breathalyzer test, what will happen?
I was placed on 3 years probation in Indiana last week and I missed a breathalyzer test, I was late getting there and it closed by the time I made it there. It's my 1st & all fees are paid.
The consequences should have been listed in your terms of probation no?
My bloodwork evidence took 6 months to come into evidence. And if was my bloodwork it would've tested positive for my prescripti
So how do i know bloodwork was mine? Blood degrades after time and no documentation or chain of custody rendered at hearing. They strung me along 7 months waiting for evidence. Shouldn't it have dismissed way before that? They were fishing.
Ask for a DNA test. Also, they don't test for everything under the sun, only what they think you may be on at the time...
How do I go about filing a lawsuit against the DMV?
The DMV recently fudged some paperwork on their end that made it appear that I was a habitual traffic violater. I was arrested and incarcerated for 3 days. Because of this incarceration I lost my career, insurance, and 401k. I feel like these are definite grounds for a lawsuit. I am just having trouble locating an attorney to take them on and need some advice on where to go from here. Any help would be much appreciated. My family really relies on my income just to scrape by. Now with all of this happening we have found ourselves in a hole creates by someone else that we cannot seem to claw out of. Any advice would be appreciated. I truly hope to have this figured out before Christmas so that I can provide a good holiday for my family. Thank you
Yes, the BMV can be sued over such a situation, I have 2 clients who had a similar experience from the BMV, therefore I...