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If i am on probation in fl.but transferred it to tenn. and fail a drug screen what happens? Do i get sent back to fl.
I tested positive on my drug screen and im not sure what to do. My probation officer i know has the ability to handle it himself but says he will send the report to fl. Im worried ill have to go to fl. to face it. I have a job and paid all my fines off.
The Florida Court ultimately still has jurisdiction over you, so if the Tennessee probation officer decides to report...
I have been accused of a first. How can I get a pre-trial diversion? offense DUI
I had not consumed alcohol, but failed the field test. I passed the breath test given at the jail, but found out two Months later I failed the blood sample. I had taken a medication called Hydroxyzine and found out that it is metabolized in the liver and can show up as alcohol in the blood. This is in my medical records, but the D.A. told me I cannot present that in court without an expert witness. What is my alternative?
DUI is not an offense eligible for Diversion in TN. You need to hire a DUI attorney in your area and stop talking to...
I got a dui in ILL in 92. I moved to tn in 04. ill won't release my license until i hire a lawyer. I told them about situation.
me and my 92 age mom moved to dunlap tn in 04. I don't have a driver license & I don't drink any more. I have to drive my mom to doctor's for her check up's. I wrote a letter to Ill about my problim and they told me, that's to bad and that's not there problem. they will not issue me a hardship license because I don't qualify. I have herd of people that has 7 dui's and has got there's back. I don't want my CDL back, just a permit to go out find myself a factory job and take my mother back & forth to her doctor's without looking over my shoulder to see if there's a cop that wants to put me away.
You may be able to qualify for a license in CO.
D.u.i. In tn with Michigan license?
About 9 yrs ago I got a d.u.i. In tn while visiting. I served a weekend in jail and was fined and put on probation. But I left the state before doing all I was ordered.i had no choice as I had no place to stay.
I am not sure what your question is, but I am changing the category to DUI so that attorneys who practice in that area...
How can I find out my BAC in a recent dui charge?
The officer said I failed a field sobriety test and arrested me. They took my blood at the jail and then I bonded out.
If this just recently happened you won’t get the blood results for awhile. If you haven’t already hire a local attorney...
How long should a DUI charge be held against someone,they violated and had to do 90 days..180 all together this was in 2012?
Still paying on DUI fines and the county in which the DUI occurred and paying in another county where the law had caught me for violation..so I had done 15 days and 180 days prior...
Your question does not make any sense. Try re-writing it.
What can I expect with a first Violation for DUI probation that started Dec 12th in Williamson County?
I am 21 years old and a College student. I was given 11/29 probation for a DUI where I blew a .081. After 2 weeks, over the holidays, I got into a fight with my parents and broke a closet door and took my computer that they had put up. They called the police and I was charged with vandalism and theft>1000. When in jail my parents left me in and I served 7 days over Christmas. I bonded out but then the next week when I showed up to court I was arrested again in the court room for my violation of probation. This time I bonded out that day. My court date for the violation is the 18th and the other court date for the theft is a month from then. Is there anything I can do to avoid any more jail time, I cannot miss school.
You need to hire a local attorney immediately. Williamson County is the strictest county in the state. You are looking...